10 Most Luxurious Yachts Ever Made

Three-Masted Sailboats


It would be better to start our list with a little bit of historical context. About 90 years ago, the company has provided the best ships for sale. They were dubbed “Ich Verdiene” “Annemarie” and “I Earn.”

Many of these international ships were beautiful and eye-pleasing, and they may be still functional nowadays and would make awesome sailing photos. However, after almost two decades, they are mostly getting replaced by motor ships.

When motor vessels were invented, it was a turning point in the history of ships. They become able to transfer more cargo thanks to the amount of space that had increased.

Industrial Vessels


During the 50ies and the 60ies, Otto Storck then turned its focus to work on industrial vessels; which had witnessed a substantial change in their design by making them even longer and plainer. They also started making car ferries with bigger capacity. This means more people traveling by sea and more worldwide trading.

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