15 Best And Safest Vacation Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

Rome, Italy


Rome is one of the most famous vacation destinations in Europe, and you will always find offers for the city on travel booking websites. However, what makes this city attractive is that it is one of the safest cities for female travelers in the world.

You can put on a pair of comfortable shoes and wander around in Rome: you can check the great architecture of the Roman Empire, visit the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and Coliseum, and don’t forget about Vatican City.

New York


New York is another famous travel destination in which a female solo traveler can live the adventure of her lifetime.

You need to explore the Big Apple’s iconic landmarks such as the world-famous museums, the Statue of Liberty, and, of course, it won’t be called a visit to New York if you don’t check the famous Times Square.

Moreover, New York has all kinds of foods from all over the world; Moroccan, Chinese, Italian and other nationalities. So contact your travel booking agent and get a trip to NYC.




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