15 Most Dangerous Cities On The Planet

Aleppo. Syria


You will definitely find no offers to go to Aleppo on online travel companies’ websites. Syria is a country that was destroyed by years of war, and many Syrians are seeking refuge all over the world. Therefore, you are not guaranteed protection and security when traveling to Aleppo or any part of Syria.

It is certainly sad to see what this beautiful country has become after the Arab spring. So unless you really have to, never attempt to travel to Aleppo.

Kabul, Afghanistan.

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Another city you need to learn active self-defense techniques before visiting it is the city of Kabul in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is also another city that was destroyed by war and terrorism, and you won’t find any online travel agent recommending it.

One of the reasons why this country is suffering is the kidnappings, bombings, and attacks that take place regularly. Also, the city suffers from the Taliban forces, which are terrorist forces with radical ideologies.




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