Avoid Moving To These 12 Worst Cities In The U.S To Raise Children

Albany, Oregon

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Children in the city are more expected to enroll in school late and do not succeed to complete their education.

Most likely, one of the reasons many of them fail to get a high school degree is that the city has one of the lowest preschool enrollment in the country, with less than ¼ of children at the age of 3-4 joining preschools.

Also, the city’s graduation rate is at 70.9 %, making it among the lowest in the US. So this is a city you won’t contact your travel booking agent about.

Sebring, Florida


Another city you won’t be running website booking for is Sebring, Florida. The city seems to have one of the worst education systems in the country.

It is estimated that around 64 % of high school students manage to graduate high school within 4 years, and no other area in the country has a lower rate (according to estimations done in Sept, 2018.)

This low rate is also associated with economic struggles of citizens of the city: around 33.6 % of children in the Sebring area live below the national poverty level.




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