Here are 11 terrible cities to live in

Memphis, Tennessee

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Along the Mississippi River, there you find Memphis in Tennessee, United States. Generally speaking, Memphis is a good city to visit only for the amazing restaurants it contains inclusive of The Arcade which serves chicken, biscuits, hearty breakfasts of waffles and many other delicious meals.

As a visitor, you can kick off your journey by paying a visit to The Memphis National Civil Rights Museum. You can have even look at the exact site where Martin Luther King was assassinated. You can enjoy also the musical richness of the city including rock and roll, blues and soul.

This historical one day tour around the city is interesting, but living there is quite a different thing. If you are wondering if there are any affordable houses for sale, the answer is yes. But, their prices are basically dependent on demand.

That is to say, if the prices are low, demands will be also affected by dropping. Normally, the median home price in Memphis is 93,700 dollars. According to several records, the unemployment rate reached 11.3%.

This is what makes buying a home, even if the price is low, kind of hard thing. Besides, Memphis is ranked the 9Th as far as the crime rate is concerned according to the data of the FBI.

As for schooling, it seems that Memphis has quite an issue with education since it is ranked as the 76th highest high school dropout.

Jackson, Missouri


Jackson is situated in the Cape Girardeau County in the US. It is another historical city full of past time tales and ancient memories. Jackson was not linked to Cape Girardeau County until 1877 through a railway service line.

If you are fond of American history, this place will satisfy your expectations for one or two days. The National Register of Historic Places included the Big Hill Farmstead Historic District, Abraham Byrd House and McKendree chapel in its list.

McKendree chapel was for the record founded in 1819. Historically speaking, Protestants believe that the chapel is the oldest Protestants church on the western side of Mississippi River.

You must be excited to spend few days in the city, but not a lifetime. The median house price in Jackson is about 89,500, whereas the median income is around 54,000 dollars.

The unemployment rate is a little higher than the one in Memphis. Registers indicate that the rate reached 12.8%. Home and personal security is a must, yet Jackson does not seem to be the city to provide you with the safety you need.

It records the 52nd highest crime rate nationwide in the US. Hearing about this may now make you change your mind about visiting, let alone living there. If you have kids, you will understand that investing for a child’s future is both hard and necessary.

Jackson is not the right place for your kid to be well educated or well paid good money in the future term.




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