Here are The 8 Craziest Wedding Destinations Of The Year

Ice Hotel

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A fairytale wedding in the Frozen style, this is the simplest definition one could give to The Ice Hotel. It is one of the most famous hotels worldwide which is made exclusively of ice.

It is a place where you can wear your Carolyn Bessette wedding dress and consider yourself the queen of cold. The place is originally built by artists, coming from all parts of the world.

You can be one of the lucky ones to buy super cheap plane tickets and fly to this winter paradise in Sweden. Imagine the reception area and main hall full of guests attending a relatively frozen queen royal wedding.

You can marvelously walk down the aisle with your long and lacy veil in the ice church which seems mind-blowing. The exhaustion you might feel following all the wedding planning is unbelievable, but no worries at all, you can enjoy your stay in ice honeymoon suites.

Dracula’s Castle


Admittedly, the name is a bit scary, but it is, in reality, a fancy castle with a medieval royal style. You can experience a Meghan Markel fairy tale wedding in a royal palace. The historic castle is located in Romania.

It used to be a royal residence, then turned into a museum which exhibits the artworks and the furniture that Queen Marie, the last Romanian queen, collected during her lifetime.

After finalizing your online room booking on independent hotel booking sites, you can start the renting arrangements to have Dracula’s castle as your perfect wedding venue. The current owners of the castle lease out the castle to have as a wedding venue for 500,000 Euros to absorb up to 50 guests.

Before 2006, the castle was in the custody of the Romanian government, but the family worked on recovering the property from them. Bran or Dracula’s Castle would add a mythical and spicy taste to your unique wedding.

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