The 10 Destinations You Need To Avoid In 2019

On every New Year’s Eve, we say the same thing again: This year is going to be our year! And you are absolutely correct because every year is our year. Of course, there would be ups and downs, but we learn from each one of them.

However, we should not let a specific “down” happen to us, and it is traveling to some places where you will hate yourself! We can’t deny the fact that traveling is the most incredible thing we are blessed with.

It is good for humanity, the soul, the economics, and our growth. But let’s face it, not every corner on this planet is perfect, and for multiple reasons, there are some destinations that are not worth visiting anymore, not in 2019 at least!

One of the biggest reasons for this issue is over tourism. How would you enjoy staring at a historic site when hundreds of people pushing you and getting in the middle of your shots?

You would be too busy watching yourself and belongings than even acknowledging where you are or the things you are supposed to be experiencing. This is why we have made a list of a few vacation spots that might be on your travel bucket list, but it is best if you postponed it!

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