Top 14 Unsafe Travel Destinations

Dominican Republic


Before traveling to anywhere around the world, you need to have some very crucial things in your reach inclusive of travel insurance, just in case your flight is canceled, or you are in need of emergency medical care.

On top of this, as said before, you need to make sure that you are heading to a safe destination. The State Department classifies the Dominican Republic, for instance, as a dangerous spot.

The crime rate is very high, not to mention that recent news reveals several deaths of American civilians. Speaking of which, about 6 American tourists perished; three of them were suspected to have died because of being poisoned.

Back in January, a lady in Punta Cana said she was assaulted. Bear in mind that homicide, sexual harassment, and armed robbery are quite common crimes in the Dominican Republic.

The Bahamas


One of the most known vacations’ destinations worldwide is the famous Bahamas. The island is the best spot for road trips to see the glamour of nature and meditate in its infinite beauty. But this is not the whole story.

The State Department considers the Bahamas as one of the riskiest spots. New Providence and Grand Bahama are the main geographical focal points of crimes.

The American officials and personnel are not allowed to travel to any nearer points from the Sand Trap area, which is located in Nassau. The area witnessed a series of violent and aggressive crimes, which include armed robberies, burglaries, and sexual assaults.

In given tourist areas, these crimes are likely to occur in the daylight. Don’t trust any private guides or jet-ski operators.




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