You Must Visit These 8 Vacation Destinations Before You Die

Surf Vacation In Hawaii


Hawaii has lost some of its glow as a vacation, surf-centered destination to Costa Rica. However, it is still taking the throne. What is really distinct about Hawaii as a travel destination is that it has 8 main islands, which means that finding a suitable spot for you is guaranteed.

Pros can find those huge breathtaking waves, while beginners can have some training with baby waves.

Also, if you want to leave the beach, you can pack your trekking backpack and head for an adventure on hiking trips on the several trails on the island. So hurry up and run some website booking before it’s too late.

Diving At The Bioluminescent Bay In Puerto Rico


Another place you should definitely contact your travel booking agent about is Puerto Rico. When you reach San Juan, all that is going to take you is a short drive, and you will get yourself an unforgettable light show.

When the bay gets darker at night, you’ll have the chance to watch the microscopic plankton glowing turquoise.

If you want to take some magical photos using your smartphone or camera, you can kayak or go for a swim through the neon water. However, it would be way cooler if you can dive at night for a more mesmerizing experience.




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