10 Most Annoying Things You Probably Do On A Plane

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Planes, who doesn’t love them, right? To fly in economy class, sit between two people, and listen to the screams of all children during the whole flight, especially if you were traveling overseas.

Okay, let’s just all face the truth: The worst part about traveling is the plane, except if you travel first class, then you probably don’t have much to complain about.

Once you set your foot inside a plane, you will start noticing many behaviors that are maddening, but the big issue here is you can’t really talk about it because you have to respect others.

So instead of staying mad, let’s just rant about them for a little while and start relating to each other, and if you are one of these annoying people, then we respectfully need you to stop!

Here are the 10 most annoying things you probably do on a plane. Don’t hesitate to click on The Next page




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