10 Most Annoying Things You Probably Do On A Plane


Constantly adjusting the lighting and AC

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If you think that the people next to you or behind you can’t feel the airflow. Or, the lights that you keep turning on and off in the middle of the night don’t bother them, then you are wrong.

I understand that sometimes you have to adjust them, but doing it constantly is just annoying. So just make up your own mind, adjust it as you want, and respectfully, turn off the light when it is night time.

Drinking too much

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There are many reasons that will make you want to consume alcohol on the plane, like the fact that you are starting your vacation on air or just because you are stressed.

However, you should build a barrier between the amount of alcohol that will make you relax, and the amount that will make you tipsy and out of control.

Don’t be like that one passenger on American Airlines that got too drunk, they had to duct-taped him to his seat… It is a true story!




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