12 Important Things You Need To Do Before Travelling Abroad

Contact Your Bank


Before leaving overseas, make sure to give your bank a call or a visit in order to let them know you are leaving the country.

This is an important step so that they won’t consider any transaction done from your travel destination as fraudulent, as well as so that you won’t risk getting your credit card blocked when you are in need of money the most.

You may do that by calling the number on the card and provide a description of the dates of your trip, as well as information concerning your destination. Some banks even provide the option to do this online.

Exchange Your Money


If you want to save up money on your trip, then you’d better exchange your money upfront. Debit and credit cards fees can be soaring quickly depending on your vacation destination, and there are some transactions that may cost you around 1-3% of your purchase price.

The worst part is that some banking institutions may charge you fees for your ATM withdrawals (around $1-$5), it is what they call (international service assessment fees).

Therefore, we recommend that you exempt yourself from all of these unnecessary fees by having hard cash. Experts state that when you are visiting the city, you should have at least $40 to $60 in your wallet on any given day.

You should also bring more cash if you are visiting remote areas where there is a big chance you may not have access to ATMs. Moreover, if you bring a lot of cash to your trip, don’t have it all on you at once; instead, try to take what you think is enough cash and leave the rest in a safe place: your hotel’s safe for example.

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