9 Dirty Items That May Ruin Your Cruise Vacation

Ice machine


So you contacted your travel booking agent and you booked a cruise trip, and when you got there, you wanted to enjoy a cold beverage and relax on the deck. Well, it is unfortunate that some of the ice used in your drinks may make you sick.

It has been reported, according to an inspection by the CDCP of a particular ship that the ice machine was among the most neglected items aboard.

The machine was described as having black debris, a reddish purple drip, as well as pink and brown debris. We bet you never imagined an ice machine ruining your trip before it begins.

Elevator buttons


It must be fun to find the best online travel booking sites and book a cruise trip to Morocco, Spain or any other beautiful corner of the world. However, what a pity it would be to drain your credit card for the sake of having a perfect vacation and end up sick with a 1.5-inch button.

That’s right, considering how often people press the elevator buttons and how many people use the lift between decks every day, the elevator buttons are one of the germiest surfaces on board.

That is why it is recommended to use a napkin or anything that would make you avoid direct contact with the buttons.




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