The 10 Most Recurrent Travel Errors and How To Avoid Them

Airline Tickets On The Wrong Date

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Problems occur all the time when booking your ticket via telephone. Telephone connections can get easily disrupted. You could find excellent cheap business class fares on an air ticket sale, but you may end up paying more money for a different ticket.

You might conclude your flight reservation over the phone, then, the travel employee may book you a flight on the wrong date. This is unintentional, a normal mistake for travel employees are humans after all. You may not even bother to verify the date on your ticket, maybe only after it is too late.

How would you avoid this?

Just like pilots checking the instructions regarding air traffic control before taking off, try to do the same. Always recheck any details relevant to your flight reservation while interacting with airlines agents.

Dates, flight numbers and times of each reservation should be checked once yours is confirmed. If you manage to detect any error within the first 24 hours following your booking, the airline should refund you to correct the mistake and rebook your flight.

Airlines Misspelling Your Name


Writing proper names is always an issue. People from the same community could have the same names, but they are differently written and spelled. That is quite problematic when you are asked to give someone your name over the phone.

You can have such a sweet short and simple name, still, someone somewhere could end up misspelling it. Sometimes, minor mistakes in spelling your name can be tolerated by the TSA. However, some countries and airlines insist on having your name matched your passport, otherwise, you will not be able to fly.

How to avoid this?

Doubling checking your flight reservation is the key procedure and way to avoid such mistakes. This is supposed to be done before and after booking your ticket.

In case you do your flight reservation over the phone, do not hesitate to ask the travel booking agent to re-spell your name. Your name should match what you got in your pass and ID.




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