What You Should Do When Your Passport Is Lost!


If you are in the United States

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You should call a passport agency :

This is a very important step and the first thing you should ever do to fix the lost passport issue. It’s okay to panic and freak out but remember the sooner you react, the higher are your chances to fix the issue in a short period of time.

So, take your time to freak out but don’t dwell on the feelings! Instead, try to immediately call a local passport agency and try to make an appointment and see what procedures you should take.

According to an agent working in a passport agency, the earlier is the appointment, the better. Hence, avoid wasting time and act as soon as you find out that your passport is not in your bag!

You can pay for an expedited passport service :

There are many things you can do to fix the issue as long as you keep your calm and think properly. For instance, you can pay a certain fee and get RushMyPassport.com touts in less than 24 hours. This means you will get it in one business day!

While this is a good idea, unfortunately not everyone can afford $399 for a passport! You can also pay $119 for standard services but in this case, you will only get the passport in 8 or even 10 business days.

There are many other passport agencies that can offer you an emergency passport for about $240. One good example is CIBTvisas. Still, keep in mind that this might take a few days but when you have no other option, this step remains a good and useful one!

Gather all the Important docs ASAP :

Whether you choose to seek a local passport agency or any other private service, you will be required to provide some documents. Hence, you should be quick and try to provide the documents as soon as possible!

Normally, you will be required to provide the following, namely: a passport photo that was taken within the last six months, proof of citizenship, a birth certificate, and expired passport, or simply a photo of your lost passport if you have any.

It all depends on what papers you can afford! Also, they will ask you for your driving license, a DS-64, which is a statement about your stolen or lost passport, proof of your flight, and finally a DS-11, which is the passport application.

Once, you prepare all these documents, print them and give them to the agency. Make sure, you make some extra copies and keep them with you just in case.

Seek the closest passport agency and just beg :

This is definitely not an official recommendation from the U.S State Departement, but sometimes we have no other choice but to do this and guess what it works, said the other travelers who’ve been through this before!

Instead of waiting for an appointment, you can try your luck and just go to the agency and beg them for help. You can never know! Your begging might be welcomed!

If you decide to do this, make sure you take all the documents needed, pay the required fee and see how lucky you can be! Other travelers said it worked and they were able to get their passport in less than 12 hours!




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