How to Stay Safe in the Most Dangerous Destinations for Women Travelers

#1 – Egypt

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The reason why Egypt is so dangerous that our government has warned travelers about going there is the several terrorist deadly attacks, targeting tourist sites, public transportation, government officials and security forces, public venues, and a diplomatic facility.

However, Egypt is interesting in that there are plenty of people who still book flights to this country without any problems, besides, Egyptians can be really hospitable.

Keep in mind that even in the parts of the world where there are violence issues and political problems, danger levels don’t reach the 100%. There is certainly cause for concern but that doesn’t mean you should cancel your travel plans.

How to Stay Safe in Egypt

– Be always on your guard. Some women travelers reported that Egyptian men can be aggressive and would harass female tourists mercilessly, particularly in crowded markets.

– It is important to respect local dress codes in Egypt and try to completely avoid attracting attention. Keep your shoulders and knees covered and it’s better to wear very loose clothing that can also cover your wrists, ankles, and even hair.

– Keep in mind that eye contact can be considered flirting. You may find it helpful to wear sunglasses.

– Consider joining a private or small group travel tour, at least at the beginning of your journey. This can make it easier to get oriented and learn more about the culture.

– In case you need to use the metro, search for women-only carriages. Also, use Uber instead of a taxi.

– If you’re staying in Cairo, choose good neighborhoods, such as Zamalek.

– Check out online travel guides and sites for local information for places you must visit or interesting events.




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