8 Unexpected Things That Are Actually Offensive In Europe

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One of our dreams is to travel the world, learn about other cultures, and explore the strange lands of this globe. But how can you do it without offending others?

The ultimate destination dream that most of us share is Europe. It is multi-cultural with hundreds of gorgeous landscapes that we would love to witness, and of course, the unique cuisine that changes from one country to another.

While visiting a different country, we enjoy talking to locals to learn more about their lives, beliefs, history, and lifestyle. But since we came from a very different culture, many of our “normal” habits could be offensive to them, and that’s the last thing we want to make others feel.

After all, it is “us” the strangers who came to their homeland. So before you book a tick to Europe, get to know these 8 unexpected things that are actually offensive in Europe.

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