10 Most Luxurious Yachts Ever Made

Last Updated on January 7, 2021


©Burgess Yachts

In 2008 the yacht world was shaken again with Siren. Siren is a yacht with 73.5 m of length and guests capacity of 14. Some even value it today at US$ 70 million. It was the first super-yacht in the world to introduce a landing place for helicopters, which could be folded and used for other purposes.

They have also made a revolution in yachts by manufacturing the yacht’s side terrace. Its design is just outstanding and screams luxury from inside out. You should definitely contact your yacht charter broker to book you a world cruise in luxury cruise lines that use Siren.

Sycara V

©Fraser Yachts

This is a yacht in which you can fit another water vehicle with high-speed boat engine. In 2010 Sycara V had one of the biggest garages ever included in a yacht. It was convenient to take your small boat for a ride in places the yacht could not reach.

It is one of the most luxurious super-yachts in the world, including facilities such as a room to relax and get a massage, a swimming pool, a room for steam, and -everyone’s favorite- a Jacuzzi. And if the owners liked to put their muscles to work, they may make use of the gym room.


©Yacht Charter Fleet

One year later, Sapphire was introduced. It had 73.5 meters in length and was manufactured in a special method that enhances fuel consumption, allowing the yacht to reach maximum speed (24 knots). The manufacturing company also equipped the yacht with advanced technology when it comes to the lighting system.

It featured an impressive exterior design by Trinity Yachts team and an outstanding interior one by James McFarlane. Moreover, it has a capacity of carrying up to 12 guests and 10 crew members; which makes it perfect for yacht share or luxury yacht rental. Also, the estimated value of the yacht nowadays is around US$ 110 million

Odessa II

©Boat International

Odessa II was introduced in 2013; it is the perfect yacht for entertainment purposes. It has a place to land helicopters that could be used as a stage. Also, it is equipped with an outstanding sound system with loudspeakers.



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