10 awesome unknown places to visit in the United States

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Last Updated on December 31, 2020

When you think about your next vacation, probably some places automatically come to mind, like Hong Kong, Bangkok, London, Macau, Singapore, or Paris. Popular wisdom says that fame comes at a price which is quite tall in this case: the budget required to spend 5 days in these capitals is 00. If you got here, it’s not because you intend to spend all that, right? Traveling with the opposite criterion – totally unknown places – is perfect for budget savings: the reduction in total expenses is around 45%. And the stories you will tell your buddies about where you went are all new. From beautiful natural landscapes to historical architectural sets, check the following amazing unknown places!

1. Bear Lake, Idaho

Bear Lake is a lake that extends 280 km² in size, is 200 feet deep, and is located on the border of Idaho and Utah. It is also called the “Caribbean of the Rockies” due to the beautiful turquoise tones of its waters, reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea, and the refraction of calcium carbonate (limestone). Its age is estimated at more than 250 thousand years. Native people such as the Shoshone tribes have lived around the lake. In addition to these people, other native people passed through the area. Since then, Bear Lake has undergone many changes. Its area started to receive hotels and leisure areas in the last century. The exclusive biodiversity is a characteristic that makes this lake unique in the world. There are natural species that are only found here, nowhere else. That is why some of them bear the lake’s name, such as the Bear Lake whitefish and the Bear Lake sculpin. If you like the water, this place is even more suitable for visiting. Water skiing, boating, swimming, sailing, and fishing are common activities for Bear Lake’s visitors. Summer will shine in June, July and August, the most suitable for your trip. Just don’t tell anyone that you are getting to know one of the most incredible hidden places to visit, okay? To organize your trip, secure round-trip tickets from your city to Salt Lake International Airport, disembark, and rent a car. It should take you about 2 and a half hours to arrive, and you can still make a stop at Logan Canyon. The total budget for your trip should not exceed $ 1400.



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