10 awesome unknown places to visit in the United States


Last Updated on December 31, 2020

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a small town located in the southern United States, more specifically in the state of New Mexico. It is the oldest state capital in the country, founded in 1610, and the owner of the highest height above sea level, 2,194 m. For many centuries, its area and its collections have been homelands and villages of indigenous peoples, notably Tewa and Navajo peoples. Santa Fe was once the province of New Spain, during A Conquista. Although the city has changed a lot until today, part of its architecture and its taste for the arts was preserved. So, have no doubts: if you like to enjoy culture, this is a perfect destination and is among the best unknown places to travel. It is precisely thanks to its rich culture, with many art galleries and personality architecture, the city of New Mexico, has been recognized by UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. There is no shortage of options for you to visit, from Santa Fe Plaza to the Palace of the Governors. Be sure to enjoy the Fiesta de Santa Fe and musical performances, sample the tasty cuisine of local restaurants, and visit the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and the cartoonist Chuck Jones’ gallery. You can certainly travel and enjoy this place for just $ 750. How to travel cheap? This can be an experiment.

3. Lookout Mountain, Georgia

A mountain with a unique history and breathtaking scenery. This is Lookout Mountain, located in the northwestern United States, specifically in the state of Georgia. The vast history behind this place gave its name to the title of important battles of the American Civil War. Researchers reached out that it was inhabited centuries ago by the Chickamauga people, a group that separated from the Cherokee tribes during the American Revolutionary War. From the field of important people in the 18th century to a barrier of protection, the Mountain of Mirante has a lot of history to tell. Rock City is also a highlight, located at the top of the mountain, where you will find some legendary views of seven states. Its natural attractions involve mysterious caverns, gigantic boulders, beautiful gardens, a suspension bridge, and a 90-foot waterfall. And do you believe that all this is not more than $ 1000?



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