10 Disneyland Mysteries That Will Keep You Up At Night!

Last Updated on February 10, 2020

Disneyland or Disney World, whatever you choose to call it, is a great place to go to, especially if you decide to take your children there to see a Disney princess or prince. Walt Disney certainly did not have this in mind when he first started the company.

He didn’t perceive the current Disney movies that we get nowadays, let alone a whole world dedicated to the characters he created.

However, besides the Disney World resorts and the awesome Disney World rides, there are numerous secrets about Disneyland that you need to know about. Therefore, in this article, you are going to read about 10 different Disney World secrets that not anyone knows about.

Therefore, before you get a Disneyland annual pass for the sake of your children, make sure that you keep reading the article to find out all that there is to find out about Disneyland.
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1. Flags Are Not Regulation

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The flags that you see scattered around Disney world do not follow U.S. regulations, such as
shining light on them at night. This is not because Disney world gets to special treatment.

They get away with it because those flags are fake, meaning that they are missing a stripe or
star here and there. Therefore, don’t be distracted by them too much and feel patriotic next time you’re looking
from your Disneyland hotel window. Enjoy your Disneyland passes and the food in Disneyland restaurants.

2. The Dragon on Animal Kingdom Sign Is There For a Reason

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That famous Animal Kingdom sign has a dragon on it for a reason; it is not thrown in there just
for the sake of it.

The initial plans for the Animal Kingdom consisted in displaying all varieties of animals; that
is to say, they wanted to exhibit animals that exist, those that existed once upon a time, and those that never
existed—hence, the dragons. So don’t sweat it too much and enjoy those Disneyland passes you have. Give your family
some nice Disneyland time!



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