10 History Museums You Must visit

History Museums

Last Updated on January 25, 2021

The world’s largest museums play a key role in people’s culture and memory. After all, they are spaces that preserve history and function as a meeting point for all spheres of society, attracting and educating people with the most varied interests. Among biographies, sciences, and archeology, museums have diversified focuses, although everyone is dedicated to telling stories. Historical museums are characterized by the typological multiplicity of the collection and thematic coherence. They build a narrative about the past and make it available to society as a whole. Do you want to know what they are and know the best museums in the world for history lovers? Then read this article to the end!

1. Egyptian Museum – Cairo, Egypt

Have you ever imagined seeing up close the largest collection of objects in ancient Egypt? This magical experience is offered in Cairo, Egypt, which holds incredible secrets and stories to discover. Founded in 1902, it gathers artifacts, such as statues, paintings, reliefs, and funerary elements. It also contains impressive rooms, such as the mummies and the Tomb of Tutankhamen, where a boy pharaoh was buried in a tomb along with important objects. You will be impressed by the pieces of the royal mummies, the treasures of the pharaohs, and those of the ancient Empire.

2. Gold Museum – Bogota, Colombia

The Gold Museum in Bogotá, Colombia, is the most important collection of gold in the world and is one of the main museums in the city. It was founded in 1939 and had only 1400 pieces. Today, however, its collection has more than 54 thousand pieces. There are 5 permanent exhibition rooms, which are divided into a space of 13 thousand square meters. The museum tells the story of gold mining that was very present in the country, explores how gold was important for politics and religion, and brings discussions about mysticism, shamanism, and symbolism of metals. You will be impressed with the collection and with so much history that metal can have.

3. Musée d’Orsay – Paris, France

Located on the River Seine’s left bank, the museum has a collection that mainly comprises paintings and sculptures of Western art between 1848 and 1914. Among them, works by Van Gogh, Degas, Maurice Denis, Susana, and Odilon Redon. In addition, the institution also hosts temporary exhibitions. The building that currently houses it was originally a railway station, which was closed in 1939. Only in 1977, the French government decided to turn it into a museum.


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