10 Of Mexico’s Most Beautiful Attractions That Are Actually Safe

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

10 Of Mexico’s Most Beautiful Attractions That Are Actually Safe© Pinterest

There is one question that was asked by many Americans throughout the last decade, and it is “Is Mexico safe?” This question got even more popular in early March 2018 when the U.S. State Department that made a security alert for Mexico.

However, it is a large country with hundreds of interesting places to see and enjoy, and not all of its corners are dangerous. Keep in mind that dangerous things can happen anywhere, even in the safest places on earth, not only Mexico.

The destinations mentioned in this article are great locations for summer vacation, so they attract plenty of tourists, which means you will have to focus on staying safe as much as you can by drinking in moderation and not wander around after midnight. Plus, always leave your valuables in your hotel room.

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Mexico City

Mexico City

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Mexico City has the reputation of being a dangerous city for tourists. But, it is absolutely absent from the warning of the State Department. The reason is the downtown core is actually very safe. So if you are interested to visit the street art and the colorful markets in Mexico City, then you have no reason to hesitate.

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In case you want to have a road trip with your friends or family from a safe place to another, you may want to consider driving from Mexico City to Puebla, it will take only two hours.

Puebla is growing to be one of the most popular attractions in Mexico. It is the 4th largest city in the country and one of the most beautiful one because it reflects the Spanish colonial architecture. Plus, the weather is never too hot.



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