10 Of The Best American Cities For Disabled Travelers

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

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No one can deny that the United State is one of the most popular and best travel destinations in the world offering you 50 states to discover and explore and giving you a chance to make unforgettable memories and live a lifetime experience that you shall remember for too long!

However, there are some states or cities in America that are better than others as they provide visitors, especially, disabled travelers with all the facilities they need to be comfortable and enjoy their stay the maximum possible.

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Seattle, Washington

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Seattle city was actually ranked by the ‘’Wheelchairtravel.org ‘’among the top ‘’5 Most Wheelchair Accessible Cities In The United States ‘’ And that’s due to the amazing and unprecedented facilities it offers to its disabled visitors.

People with disabilities willing to visit this city should not worry at all as they will find it really easy to navigate through the city. They can, in fact, have access to wheel friendly ferries and taxis with wheelchair ramps features.

While you are there, don’t forget to visit some accessible attractions such as Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, and of course the famous Space Needle.



Washington, DC

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Everyone knows that Washington is home to some famous and iconic attractions, which means that it is a popular tourist spot that receives all types of visitors from all over the world. For this reason, the city has mad more efforts to improve the wheelchair accessibility.

While in Washington, disabled travelers will never feel different as they have access to restaurants, restrooms, transportation, especially the Metro, which is considered the most accessible transportation system in the entire world.




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