10 Of The Best American Cities For Disabled Travelers

Last Updated on January 7, 2021


Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles has much to give and offer to its visitors! Apart from the lovely weather, visitors can have easy access to many transportation stations, including that of the metro.

Also, metro buses feature an automatic lift that can make it easy for them to get around. That’s in addition to making many beautiful attractions accessible such as the Venice Boardwalk, Universal Studios, and also Dodger Stadium.



Denver, Co

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This city is truly a dream destination and a hidden gem of accessibility. The metro station is a wheel-friendly giving the disabled people the right to get priority seating while it also offers those with wheelchairs access to some special and unique public services.

What’s even more interesting about this city is that its paratransit system operates for 23 hours a day for all the day of the week. In addition to all this, it offers unlimited rides and can take you to all the places you are planning to visit.

Since Denver is widely famous and known for its exciting outdoor activities, it has created many accessible campsites, hiking trails, and also river rafting for people with disabilities.



Portland, OR

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This city is not only environmentally friendly but also wheelchair friendly. It offers visitors with disabilities who cannot ride regular buses or trains the chance to benefit from the LIFT paratransit service. Also, let’s not forget to mention the smooth sidewalks that are made to make the wheelchair user ride more comfortable.



San Francisco, California

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The city is famous for its hilly landscape and many people with disabilities would refuse to visit it thinking that it’s not a wheel-friendly city! But the truth is, San Francisco is actually the best city for disabled people to visit.



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