10 Of The Best U.S. Beaches Where You Can Drive Up To The Water

When we think of a beach, we think of a good swim, sunbathing, and a nice walk during the sunset. But have you ever considered driving on the beach?

Not only that it would be the most fun you’ll ever experience, but you will not even need to worry about carrying the umbrella, beach chairs, and the heavy fridge (that’s filled with beers) all the way across the hot burning sand.

Luckily, there are many gorgeous beaches in the United States that allow us to drive through the sands all the way to the water. If only we had amphibious cars, we would have even gone straight into the ocean.

After all, we need to always be optimistic and prepared to live a new experience and take advantage of the things we are allowed to do. As long as you have the right equipment, permits, and best tires for sand, then nothing will stop you from exploring the shore on your four wheels.


Florida: Daytona Beach


Here is a fun fact: The Daytona Beach hosted the first motorcycles and auto race back in 1902 before we even had NASCAR. Now, with only $20, you will have access to the beach with your car during the sunlight via Highway A1A in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, New Smyrna Beach, and Daytona Beach.

Today, families and young generations would definitely appreciate driving to their sunning spot without worrying about lugging their beach gear on the backs. If everyone decided to go for a swim, all their equipment would stay safe inside the car as well.

Massachusetts: Cape Cod National Seashore

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The thing is you can’t just take your vehicle up for a ride in the Cape Cod National Seashore. There is a long process you need to follow, like getting your car inspected and watching an orientation video. But with all honesty, it is definitely worth it.

You will have the opportunity of driving on the unspoiled Atlantic coastline where u will run into surfers, whales, and a lot of open spaces. Once you feel like you need to just relax, you can turn the exciting beach drive to a camping or fishing adventure.

Washington: Long Beach Peninsula


In case you didn’t know, Long Beach Peninsula is the longest continuous beach in the world the unfinished miles on West Coast Beach is available for your four-wheels all year round at any day, and mostly during the peak season.

However, make sure to respect the 25 mph speed limit in order to enjoy the views of surfers, the sand, clammers, and kite flyers. Otherwise, you can settle wherever you want, pull out the beach chairs, and have a day of relaxing, sunbathing, and chilling under the sun.

California: Oceano Dunes


California has a great reputation about its beaches, and yet, there is only one beach where you are legally allowed to drive on its sands.

Oceano Dunes is a 5.5-mile stretch of coast where you can drive on the sand and behind the beach as well, which is an activity that’s strictly prohibited anywhere else.

Dune buggies and cars are both allowed to be driven in there. The other great thing is you can also horseback ride and camp on that beach, making it a lot more fun than it already is.

Rhode Island: East Beach

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Yes, even the smallest state on the country has a long stretch of beach that’s allowing your four-wheels to drive on its sands.

East Beach is one of the most remote locations on the Rhode Island coast. It is accessible only from the Quonochontaug’s tiny beach town.

The best thing about this place is the fact that cars are not the only ones allowed to the beach, but also the self-contained campers, and by the way, there are over 20 oceanfront campsites for overnight stays.

Texas: Padre Island


Do you know why Texas is many people’s favorite? It is the only state with beaches that are considered public highways. Thankfully, there is a law that mandates unrestricted and free access to all the beaches.

The 60-mile drive will take you through Padre Island National Seashore and the Gulf of Mexico, toward a downright and undeveloped desolate coastal region where countless of seabirds have considered it as home, as well as sea turtles and coyotes. It will definitely be an epic experience that can’t be repeated!

Michigan: Silver Lake State Park

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The only place around the east of Mississippi River where you are allowed to drive on sand dunes is the Michigan Park that’s located on Lake Michigan.

You basically have access on 450 of dunes of its 2,000 acres ready to be explored by off-road vehicles. In case you have your own dune buggy, you can rent one close to Mears.

Otherwise, you can join the Dune Rides of Mac Wood. They offer dune scooter tours for tourists, which is an offer that has been available since 1930.

New Jersey: Island Beach State Park


Who doesn’t want to surf cast on the Jersey Shore? If you are looking for a great fishing spot then you can get a pass ticket to take a beach drive to the Island Beach State Park.

However, you will need to show all of your fishing gear to prove to the authorities that you seriously need to go with your vehicle into the sand.

Between the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay (close to Tom’s River), you will find the barrier beach with access to the south of Seaside Heights.

North Carolina: Cape Hatteras National Seashore and Outer Banks


Between North Carolina, Carova, and the Hatteras Inlet, the long stretches of shoreline are open for anyone who enjoys the excitement of driving an off-road vehicle. You can get a permit according to the season or you can have it all year-round.

If it is the winter, then you can drive through the nights on the national seashore’s beaches, where bonfires are allowed. The most perfect place around that area is the northern end of the Outer Banks. The winter nights will have a different meaning next to these shores.

Florida: Grayton Beach


Florida’s iconic Highway 30A is where the sugar-white sands of Grayton Beach are located. It is the perfect destination for walking, boating, fishing, gazing out into the clear waters, and of course, driving the off-road vehicle on the beach.

However, you should be quick to get your beach driving permit because they make only 150 available each year, and each one costs $135.

Plus, there are a few strict qualifications that have to be met, like proof of property ownership, possessing a driver’s license, proof of Walton County voter registration, proof of current property taxes, and a 4-wheel drive car that’s registered for the state of Florida.

If you are eligible, you will enter the lottery and only if you got chosen, you will get to buy the beach driving permit.



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