10 Of The Safest Places To Travel To For Americans

Are you the kind of person who travels light and always ready to embark on a new adventure travel? This is reminiscent of the bold journey of Cheryl Strayed in Wild. Imagine engaging in a similar travel experience!

Would not be a good way to discover yourself and the world, renew your thoughts and free your captive soul? Travelling is like that pause-click on your life video documentary; it is about making your flying dreams a reality to be chronicled in your travel journal.

Your personal safety should be your concern and priority throughout your journey; therefore, before booking your cheap plane tickets and packing your travel luggage, check the safest travel destinations you can fly to.

As an America, the State Department compiles usually a list of the safest travel destinations in the world for Americans. If you want to know which safest places to vacation in, keep reading!


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As a matter of fact, air travel is easier than it ever was. Just google anything like ‘flight reservation tips’ or ‘how to book low-cost airline tickets’, and you will get millions of results to help you book your flight properly.

The destination you should choose must be in conformity with safety and security standards. Speaking of safety, Ireland is regarded as a safe travel destination with a high ranking on the list of Global Peace Index.

It is a quiet and peaceful country with low terrorism, militarization and political violence rates. If your plan is to stay there, don’t look any further for hotel deals on hotel search sites, for we recommend the Clontarf Castle Hotel.

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Whenever we speak of Australia, we think of the puzzling mystery of earth of how a country is an entire continent at the same time. The home country of many Hollywood stars is also among the safest vacation spots for Americans.

The rates of instability, crime, violence, and militarization are all low. This is a fact reflected in the good score given to the country as far as the Global Peace Index is concerned.

You can even enjoy road trips around the country’s famous cities safely. So are you ready to get your active vacation package and takeoff to Australia? By the way, if you are to land in Melbourne, stay at the Hotel Windsor; it is the best!

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It is no surprise that Iceland is ranked as one of the safest places to travel in Europe. The whole country looks like a place from a totally different galaxy and on a different planet, don’t you agree?!

Iceland is indeed the perfect spot for unforgettable cultural experiences, and certainly for memorable vacations.

It is ranked high on the Global Peace Index thanks to its political stability, social support, and safety. Hundreds of travelers stop by Iceland yearly. This is a clear manifestation of its safety. The State Department cannot agree more.

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Excellent travel experience is one with the ‘travel safe and return sane’ motto, right?! Usually, travel booking websites provide extra information on your chosen destination; such information can include safety as well.

If you choose Switzerland as your next travel destination, then you are on the right track as far as your safety is concerned. The country enjoys exceptional low crime rates and political stability.

Therefore, it is the safest place to travel to, maybe this winter. (You could also attend the World Economic Forum in Davos while you are there). The State Department confirms that Switzerland is a level-one-destination for Americans.

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Did you watch The Vikings series? If you did, you must have been amazed by the history and solidity of Scandinavian folks. Scandinavians include basically people coming from three northern-European countries: Norway, Denmark, and Sweden (plus Finland).

Luckily, you can enjoy safe travel in one of these Scandinavian countries. They enjoy a good ranking in the Global Peace Index for their top safety scores.

The only thing to worry about is the budget for not many things in these countries are available at low prices. Make up your mind now and kick off your journey ( be up-to-date with flight and hotel deals).

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U.S & British Virgin Islands

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Here we arrive at the sixth safest spots in the world for American tourists: the U.S & British Virgin Islands.

They are listed as the safest places to travel to without any private guides or bodyguards thanks to their reputation when it comes to safety and security despite the fact that the past few years marked a number of homicides in the U.S Virgin Islands.

However, the State Department does confirm that the British Virgin Islands are safer. If you are by any chance there, we advise you to enjoy a luxurious stay at Turtle Bay Resort (this way, you won’t have to look any further for hotel rooms on independent hotel booking sites).

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Venice, the city in water, Melan, the fashion’s capital, and Rome, the ancient history home; this is, in brief, the secret of having Italy attracted and still does millions of tourists. It is never too late to be one of its next visitors too on your own right.

Bear in mind that this country is a level-two-travel destination according to the State Department due to the high risk of terrorism and social tensions. Still, if you are willing to take the risk, you can find super-cheap plane tickets on the best online travel booking sites.

If Rome is your destination, try to reserve a room at the Boutique Hotel Campo De Flori; you would love it, especially if you are a fan of ancient Baroque design.

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The ‘Benelux’ States


This is a slightly weird appellation, but it a simple reference to three European countries: Luxemburg, Netherlands, and Belgium.

The three countries enjoy some pretty good ratings with regards to homicides and crime rates, which are low, levels of political stability, which are high, and rates of political violence and terrorism, which are low.

The only issue that is most common in these countries is petty theft, especially in big and major cities. The State Department confirms that the Netherlands and Belgium, in particular, are ranked as level-two safe –travel destinations. Luxemburg did not get any level, for it is a small country in the heart of Europe.

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The UK


Who does not dream of visiting the gorgeous London anyway? London is not the only worth-to-visit city in the UK; there are plenty of other places that will certainly blow your mind thanks to their mesmerizing beauty.

The UK is classified as a level-two safe travel destination for Americans. It has a good ranking on the Global Peace Index with low violent crime and high political stability rates.

At any rate, if you manage to get to London, we strongly recommend staying at the Park Plaza Westminister Bridge London. The hotel in question is located nearby major sites like the London Eye and Big Ben. You can go also shopping for souvenirs around the city.

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The Bahamas

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A trip to the Bahamas is worth the sojourn, does not it? The country is not identified with a rating on the Global Peace Index even though it is known for its safety. It is still seen as a safe travel destination.

But the crime rate is a bit high; that is why it can be classified as a level-two vacation spot according to the safety standards of the State Department. If you still want to visit the Bahamas, Nassau is perfect in summer, in particular.

The capital houses some of the best hotels and resorts to stay in such as the famous Sandyport Beach Resort. If you want something more private, you can certainly find some good luxury vacation rentals.

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