10 Places You Won’t Believe Exist On Earth

traveling is just fun; you don’t mind spending some dollars on website booking, health insurance, and travel insurance to leave the city and the stress that comes with it behind for a vacation.

I think that there are two types of travelers: the first type is people who travel and see the regular places. They are people who follow the mainstream and travel to ordinary places.

For instance, when they go to Morocco, they visit Marrakech, Casablanca, and Rabat; when they visit France, they visit the Eiffel tower and the arc of victory. On the other side, there are the adventurers; these are the ones who look for the thrills of the unusual.

These are people who are always carrying trekking backpack and ready to go discover the out-of-comfort-zone areas. Thus, there is a big possibility you will find them in some of the places on our list.


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The Boiling River


Deep into the Amazon river, you can find the first wonder in our article. The Shehnai Tim Fishka river is so hot that you won’t be able to step your feet into it.

The 4-miles-long river can make the eyes of animals melt first, and causes too much pain that the animal would not be able to swim to safety; and therefore it gets cooked inside out.

The river may reach 91 degrees Celsius (196 degrees Fahrenheit) in temperature, and scientists are still baffled as for what causes the heat. All we know is that with hot water like this, you won’t need home cleaning products anymore.

Never-Ending Lightning Storm


In western Venezuela, over the Catatumbo River, there is a wonder of nature you definitely want to check online travel companies for a flight to see it; since we all get fascinated when lightning strikes grounds.

In this part of the world, there is a never-ending lightning storm that starts at around 7:00 p.m. and lasts for around 10 hours. But that’s not all, this lightning storm takes place 260 nights each year.

There is not any explicit evidence on what causes the storms, all that we have now are theories that haven’t been proved yet. Still, the storms worth spending some money out of your credit card to go see them.

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The Hum Of Taos

©Live Science

The speaker hum -or hearing buzzing- in your ears may irritate you, but what about a sound that you cannot pinpoint and that everyone else is hearing? Residents of the city of Taos in New Mexico have reported hearing strange humming that can be heard across the town.

This sound has driven people crazy ever since. Also, there were various people who investigated the source of the sound who failed to do so. There are even some who maintain that the residents of the town have super hearing that allows them to hear audio waves that are usually inaudible by other people.

Circles Of Namibia


When people check Namibia on online travel websites, they usually do that to go for a family African safari. However, there is another mystery that lies in the Namibian desert that you would definitely love to see.

This ecological mystery is a field of grass with circles carved in them. These circles are almost perfectly created and they range from 10 to 65 feet in diameter, and you can’t help but thinking about the movie “the signs” once you lay eyes on them.

Scientists are not able to answer any question regarding these circles. They don’t know what created them, and why they are circles and not any other shape.

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The Sleeping City Of Kalachi

©Vigyázó! – Blog.hu

Usually, when we think about sleeping issues we think about central sleep apnea treatment, the best treatment for sleep apnea, or even snoring therapy. However, these are not remotely close to the issues that the residents of this city are facing.

The residents of the city of Kalachi, Kazakhstan collapse into naps all of the sudden. This sleeping epidemic can take place even when they are walking on the road. These people also complain from fatigue, memory loss, and hallucinations.

There were even suggestions to evacuate the city, but the problem is not solved yet. There aren’t really any solid explanations for the phenomenon.

The Doubletree


This tree needs no commercial tree services or tree trimming services because it has somehow managed to survive on its own. The most distinct thing about this tree is that it is a tree surviving on another tree.

This cherry tree is growing directly on the top of a mulberry tree. This is something unusual since there are many cases that were recorded of trees growing on other trees.

However, in most cases these trees fall off. So, as you book your trip on online travel sites to Italy, make sure you include the city of Pia Monti to visit this wonder.

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Lake Karachay


This is a lake that your travel booking agent will never recommend. The Soviet Union used to carry out many nuclear experiments and had many nuclear facilities that were not very evolved safety-wise.

This lake is one of the most radioactive ones in the world; it even has more radioactive substances than anywhere on the planet. Even standing near the lake will end up killing you.

Some nuclear experiments have caused problems in the nearest lake to the facility, and there was even an explosion in 1957 that blew a factory and had nuclear particles spreading more than 23,000 kilometers. And the most shocking part is that this area is more radioactive than Chernobyl.

Movile Cave In Southeastern Romania


This cave is only for adventurers who love to go for an adventure and discover what lies beneath the ground. It is estimated that this cave was deprived of sunlight for 5.5 million years, and has its own atmosphere that is different from the surface.

The cave was discovered by workers who were trying to install a power plant, and it is considered one of the strangest places on earth. The air in the cave is toxic and filled with hydrogen sulfide.

You may think that any animal living there is considered animal cruelty; however, you will be surprised to know that the cave has an ecosystem of its own and there are animals who were able to survive in this cruel circumstances.

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Hessdalen Lights

©Elite Readers

We bet that fans of aliens and starships will literally get chills after reading through this part, and they may even check travel booking websites to book the first flight for Norway.

This great scientific mystery takes place almost every night, with lights that suddenly appear in the sky. These lights are of bright colors and dance around shift shapes.

You may think that light companies or home lightening companies are behind this; however, this is far from being true. Scientists are still baffled when it comes to providing a scientific explanation of these lights and there are just theories lingering around.

Devil’s Kettle


When we talk about natural mysteries, The Devil’s kettle is an intriguing one. This Minnesota wonder is keeping scientists perplexed for years.

The Brule River’s water splits into two splits, one split finds its way into the Lake Superior, but when it comes to the second split, we absolutely have no idea where it goes.

Researchers know that it has to end up somewhere, but they are clueless about where. They tried to put dye to see where the water is going to end up, but nothing comes up in the lake. They even tried with balls but nothing comes up.

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