12 of the Best Unusual Destinations to See the Northern Lights!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Nuuk, as lovely as it sounds, boasts plenty of magical sights that will take your breath away. You can either choose to see the northern lights from the town itself or while discovering the surrounding landscape, the skies remain splendid everywhere.

Winter is the best time to visit this brutally cold place, so make sure to pack the warmest outfits and don’t forget your travel pillow.

#9 – North West Highlands, Scotland, UK

©North West Highlands Geopark

When you think of Scotland, northern lights are the last thing that comes to your mind. But believe it or not, Scotland has the same latitude you can find in Alaska or Norway.

If you want to catch the best light exhibition, you should visit this place between autumn and winter while traveling as north as you can. While there, don’t forget to take time to absorb the soaring natural beauty of the North West Highlands.

#8 – Naryan-Mar, Russia


This Russian town offers a rich culture and traditional folklore which embody legend, mystery, and visible magic, so visitors can experience the puzzling beauty of both the Aurora Borealis and the local beliefs. For example, it’s a common belief that noise can scare the northern lights away.

Autumn is the best season to travel for those who want to catch the northern lights in Naryan-Mar. This may call for last-minute travel if you want to make it this year, and even though the journey is quite long, it’s definitely worth it.

#7 – Inari, Finland


Finland is where arctic magic happens! From the mysterious glow of midnight sun and raw landscape to the breathtaking color spectacle of the northern lights. No traveler can ever resist the dazzling beauty of this frozen wonderland.

Inari is a little beautiful village situated on the edge of Lapland’s vastest lakes, making for a perfect site to see the Aurora Borealis. While there, you can also enjoy exploring the surrounding landscapes and learning about the interesting local culture.

#6 – Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK

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