12 of the Best Unusual Destinations to See the Northern Lights!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Another Scottish unheard-of hot spot for the northern lights, the Outer Hebrides are one hundred and thirty miles of wild, gorgeous islands located northwest off the coast of the country.

The Outer Hebrides include about two-hundred islands, but before you get overwhelmed, the best place to spot the northern lights is an island called Lewis and Harris.

On the Lewis part, visitors can also witness the magnificent Callanish Standing Stones and with enough luck, they might see a fascinating light show of the Aurora Borealis over the stones.
It’s best to travel during autumn or winter for better chances of spotting the northern lights in Lewis or Harris.

#5 – Murmansk, Russia


The best thing about Murmansk is that it comes at an affordable price. So instead of booking pricey flights to Norway or Iceland to see the Northern Lights, you can come to Russia and get the same once-in-a-lifetime experience without wrecking your budget. Plus, both accommodation and tours are also cheap here!

What’s more, this marvelous place is actually the largest arctic city in the world with a yearly forty days of continuous darkness allowing the perfect skies to witness the dazzling colors of the lights.

The best time to see northern lights in Murmansk is either late November or the middle of January.

#4 – Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada


Tuktoyaktuk is the perfect destination for those who want to experience the real meaning of adventure. This little village is located on the Arctic Ocean’s shores about 100 miles northeast of Inuvik.

To reach this place, you should activate your adventurous spirit and get ready to fly in a tiny airplane. Although not easy, once you’re there, the rich culture and icy wilderness will make you forget all about it.

Not to mention the breathtaking display of the northern lights’ sparkling colors once you go far north in the middle of winter.

#3 – Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

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Yet another Canadian hidden gem, the beautifully wild Yukon consists of vast miles of gorgeous landscapes and is hardly populated.



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