12 of the Best Unusual Destinations to See the Northern Lights!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

But to see the northern lights, you need to head to its capital, Whitehorse, and it’s best if you do so between September and April to boost your chances of witnessing the most gorgeous light shows.

If you want to take your travel experience to the next level and watch the starry skies from the warmth of your bed, you can book a stay at the Northern Lights Resort & Spa.

#2 – Tasmania, Australia

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Changing direction to the south, the electrically charged light show of the southern hemisphere can be a dazzling as the Northern Lights. More surprisingly, the Southern Lights can be seen at any time of the year, yet the best show happens from June to August when the sky is darkest.

Tasmania is an unexpectedly great destination for witnessing the Aurora Australis, especially with the perfect dark skies and decreased light pollution.

For an even better light show, you might want to climb the 4,100-ft Mount Wellington.

#1 – Lake Tekapo, New Zealand


This International Dark Sky Reserve offers a top view of the Southern Lights’ sparkling colors. The skies above Lake Tekapo are intensely dark and amazingly free of any light pollution, allowing a wonderfully glowing experience.

Head to the soaring Mount John Observatory for the best viewpoint, and try to make it to the area between April and September to increase your chances of witnessing the full beauty of the Southern Lights.

Lesser-known places can actually provide the best travel experiences, don’t you agree? Have you ever caught the Northern (or Southern) Lights while visiting one of these unexpected destinations? If yes, tell us all about it, and if no, tell us which one you found most interesting.

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