15 Most Dangerous Cities On The Planet

We all love to take our trekking backpack and visit other countries and meet people from other countries. So we get our travel insurance, health insurance, take care of all the paperwork and head to our destination.

It is definitely an enriching experience to step out of our comfort zone and have another perspective and understanding of humanity. And it is certainly true that by understanding others, you will be able to understand yourself and reflect on who you are.

However, many places that used to be safe for tourists a few years ago, are now unrecommended for foreigners to visit.

That’s the reason why you should always check with your travel insurance provider and your country’s travel advisory before opting for a certain location.

There are even some countries that may not have any official representative of your country. In this article, we will provide you with some of the most dangerous cities that you need to avoid.


Aleppo. Syria


You will definitely find no offers to go to Aleppo on online travel companies’ websites. Syria is a country that was destroyed by years of war, and many Syrians are seeking refuge all over the world. Therefore, you are not guaranteed protection and security when traveling to Aleppo or any part of Syria.

It is certainly sad to see what this beautiful country has become after the Arab spring. So unless you really have to, never attempt to travel to Aleppo.

Kabul, Afghanistan.

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Another city you need to learn active self-defense techniques before visiting it is the city of Kabul in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is also another city that was destroyed by war and terrorism, and you won’t find any online travel agent recommending it.

One of the reasons why this country is suffering is the kidnappings, bombings, and attacks that take place regularly. Also, the city suffers from the Taliban forces, which are terrorist forces with radical ideologies.

Juba, South Sudan

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Although you may feel tempted to contact a travel booking agent to watch the stunning animal migrations in South Sudan, you will be facing so many risks that are certainly not worth the visit.

Since 2013, the region has been in the state of war; so you can imagine how much things may get crazy out there. The city of Juba is a danger sign that you should definitely avoid, and even foreigners in the city are recommended to leave as soon as they can.

Sanaa, Yemen


If you want to visit Sanaa, Yemen, then you’d better bring your best self defense products because you’ll need them. The political situation in the city is extremely unstable, and it is always under the threat of terrorist attacks.

That’s the reason why people are advised to stay away from the city, and even foreigners who are already there are advised to leave ASAP. So make sure you avoid visiting Sanaa, Yemen at all costs.

Kinshasa, the DRC


The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country that has been a victim of years and years of political instability and conflict.

There used to be a time when you could use travel booking websites and book a flight to DRC and visit the eastern border of the Virunga Mountains to enjoy watching gorillas.

However, nowadays, it is not safe to do that anymore. It is unfortunate that a country that is already suffering cannot have incomes from tourism anymore.

Khartoum, Sudan


The capital of Sudan, Khartoum, is another city where you will definitely need the best self defense items for women and men alike. Some areas of the country are in a state of emergency, which is due to political conflicts.

Travelers need to avoid the city because restrictions on movement as well as curfews may be imposed on them. So imagine traveling for a vacation with your friends and family and then having your movement restricted.

Islamabad, Pakistan


When you check travel booking companies websites, you may find offers to the beautiful city of Islamabad. Unlike many other entries in our list, the capital of Pakistan is known for its high standard of living.

However, it suffers from one of the biggest problems in the world: terrorism. It is recommended that you avoid visiting the city around the elections period as well as religious holidays. The city has witnessed some unfortunate events such as the Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing.

Pyongyang, North Korea


Of course, you don’t have to read it in our article to realize that you shouldn’t visit the capital of North Korea or the whole country. It is not a matter of having self protection products to protect yourself against thieves and kidnappers, the problems that you may face are related to the government.

The recent political reconciliation with the American administration doesn’t mean that it is all fairies and rainbows down there. So you may face severe punishments for crimes that you intentionally did, or you didn’t know they were crimes at the first place.

Bogota, Colombia


When you look at pictures of Bogota online, you may rush to the best online travel booking sites to book a flight for this beautiful city. True, the city has great arts and architecture as well as fine coffee for caffeine aficionados.

However, the city has safety issues when it comes to street crime. Outside Bogota, there are many regions that are unrecommended for tourists. So if you want to visit the city, make sure you never walk by yourself.

Caracas, Venezuela


Unless you bring your security self defense techniques, it is better to avoid visiting this city. For a start, there are many violent protests that erupted in the past few years, so having protests means having many people out of control who may harm foreigners.

The city also takes the throne of the cities with the highest number of murders in the Caribbean coast and Latin America. Furthermore, there is another danger that may come from drug trafficking gangs.

Aswan, Egypt


How many of us dream of going to Egypt and take pictures with our smartphones next to the pyramids? We bet that a visit to the Pharaonic civilization ruins is on the bucket list of many of our readers.

However, many tourists’ attractions in Cairo are not safe for foreigners. There have been reports on Egyptians assaulting foreigners. So you could be rubbed out of your mobile phone or laptop luggage, as well as get harmed physically.

Mexico City, Mexico

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This region is known to be home of the Mayan and the Aztec ruins as well as around 9 million of the population. Just like many big cities around the world, Mexico City has built a reputation for being an unsafe place for locals as well as foreigners.

To make things worse, Mother Nature is hitting the area with a seismic activity that has been registered recently. Still, Mexico is one of the most favorite vacation destinations for US citizens who need to be cautious while traveling through the country.

Mumbai, India

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Female self defense techniques are also necessary for Mumbai, India. It is unfortunate that some female solo travelers cannot visit many corners of the worlds because of the many risks that they may face.

Mumbai is a beautiful city indeed, but with around 12.5 million living in the same city, you most definitely expect problems to happen; which include terrorism threats. Also, there is a chance that you may get scammed, so be careful while wandering around in the city.

N’Djamena, Chad


You probably never heard about the country of Chad in central Africa; especially while website booking. The most distinct fact about this region is that just a small portion of the capital that consists of urban areas, while the rest of the capital is farming and agriculture-based.

It is not recommended for foreigners to travel to the city or anywhere in Chad for the moment because they may be robbed out of their belongings or get harmed physically.

Gaza. Palestine


Palestine is a country that is under the Israeli colonization for decades. The city of Gaza is one of the most isolated cities in the world due to the ramifications of the colonization.

This situation leads to shortage of supplies such as medicine, food, and gasoline. What makes matters worse is that even the Egyptian neighbors of Palestine are closing the borders for some mysterious reasons. Despite all of this, you will not be at the risk of being harmed by the locals.



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