15 Most Dangerous Cities On The Planet

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

However, it suffers from one of the biggest problems in the world: terrorism. It is recommended that you avoid visiting the city around the elections period as well as religious holidays. The city has witnessed some unfortunate events such as the Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing.

Pyongyang, North Korea


Of course, you don’t have to read it in our article to realize that you shouldn’t visit the capital of North Korea or the whole country. It is not a matter of having self protection products to protect yourself against thieves and kidnappers, the problems that you may face are related to the government.

The recent political reconciliation with the American administration doesn’t mean that it is all fairies and rainbows down there. So you may face severe punishments for crimes that you intentionally did, or you didn’t know they were crimes at the first place.

Bogota, Colombia


When you look at pictures of Bogota online, you may rush to the best online travel booking sites to book a flight for this beautiful city. True, the city has great arts and architecture as well as fine coffee for caffeine aficionados.

However, the city has safety issues when it comes to street crime. Outside Bogota, there are many regions that are unrecommended for tourists. So if you want to visit the city, make sure you never walk by yourself.

Caracas, Venezuela


Unless you bring your security self defense techniques, it is better to avoid visiting this city. For a start, there are many violent protests that erupted in the past few years, so having protests means having many people out of control who may harm foreigners.

The city also takes the throne of the cities with the highest number of murders in the Caribbean coast and Latin America. Furthermore, there is another danger that may come from drug trafficking gangs.

Aswan, Egypt


How many of us dream of going to Egypt and take pictures with our smartphones next to the pyramids? We bet that a visit to the Pharaonic civilization ruins is on the bucket list of many of our readers.



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