4 Amazing and Safe Places to Visit in Central America

Last Updated on January 1, 2021

Warning: although this might seem like the best time to buy airline tickets at a huge discount, it may not be a great idea to travel abroad right now due to the current pandemic situation and all the travel restrictions in place. Especially considering that most of the countries we are about to discuss are far from having the current pandemic under control. If you think it is safe to fly and decide to travel during the next few months, we advise you to buy airline insurance to protect yourself against possible last-minute flight cancellations. Stay safe! Central America is a region of extraordinary and very diverse natural beauty, filled with landscapes that can amaze even the most experienced travelers. The countries located in this region of the globe are also of a vast (and fascinating) cultural richness, which is quite different from the so-called western culture in almost every aspect. Therefore, it arouses the curiosity of countless western tourists every year.  However, there are still many safety concerns that make countless travelers extremely reluctant to visit some of these travel destinations. Political and social instability, a high number of violent crimes like kidnappings and murders, and an increased incidence of crimes against tourists are some of the worrying factors that must be considered before buying airline tickets. This doesn’t mean you should just discard all the countries in Central America from your traveling bucket list. It is all a matter of knowing where to go, what places to avoid, and being aware of some important travel safety tips. Here are some of the safest places in Central America that you will surely want to visit:

4. Guatemala

Guatemala is considered a moderately dangerous country, largely because of the conflicts between drug cartels and the high crime rate. However, with proper planning and some caution when moving around the country, you probably won’t have any problems whatsoever if you decide to visit this country.  Top attractions: • Tikal: if you find archaeological travel sites fascinating and you have always wanted to know more about the Mayan culture, you certainly won’t want to miss the city of Tikal – one of the largest Mayan archaeological sites in existence. The ruins are in an excellent state of preservation that lets you get a glimpse of what life was like between 600 BC and 900 AD – and the surrounding green spaces are simply wonderful. • Semuc Champey: it can be a little bit tricky to get to this remote spot located deep in the jungle, but it is well worth it. With natural pools of turquoise colors surrounded by a dense forest rich in wildlife, Semuc Champey is becoming an incredibly popular location among tourists. • Pacaya: with an elevation of more 8,300 ft, this active volcano located within the Pacaya National Park is another point of great interest.



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