5 Destinations That Will Improve Your Health!

Last Updated on December 16, 2020

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its delicious cheese and chocolate, mountain landscapes, and luxurious, high-quality watches. It is also well-known for its high happiness index and great life expectancy of 83.70 years. The question is: why are the people of Switzerland so happy and live for so long? Switzerland is an incredibly rich country and has a high quality of life. These two reasons alone are enough to explain its position on the two rankings mentioned above. Moreover, the tranquility conveyed by the natural landscapes surrounding the entire country ends up positively affecting its inhabitants’ minds and lifestyles. It is not surprising that many upper-class families choose this country to live in for long periods. If you get the chance to visit Switzerland, make sure to enjoy the thermal baths, enchanting lakes, and all the wonderful things that nature can offer. The spas are also great – and if it is within your budget, you also have a great offer of luxury resorts with all kinds of top-notch therapies and skilled and experienced professionals!

4. Sri Lanka

Otherwise known as the Indian Ocean, this small island located south of India has a vast cultural heritage that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Its main attractions are its biodiversity, heritage sites, tropical beaches, and the lovely and welcoming people. As with several countries in this region, there is a great spirituality that manifests itself daily in people’s lifestyles. If you want to really improve your mental health, there are plenty of yoga and meditation experts in Sri Lanka that can introduce you to new methods and techniques and guide you through a spiritual healing journey. Enjoy your trip to Sri Lanka, relax, and fully embrace the spirituality of the island. If you can, you should also take a couple of days to visit India and explore one or two cities in India.

5. Australia

Australia is a country that has an extremely relaxing aura, especially outside the big urban centers. This is not surprising, considering the beautiful beaches, the scenery surrounding them, and the amazing climate. There is nothing healthier than spending your energy exploring the ocean depths and its fantastic corals and diverse sea life – and there is no better place to do it than in Australia, home of the world’s largest coral reef system. Besides being a highly intense physical exercise, this wonderful experience will certainly have a huge impact on your state of mind and happiness. Furthermore, you can easily find healing spa experiences, hike in magical trails, and dive into a culture capable of transforming your soul. Book a trip to Australia and explore this country that has so much to offer!



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