6 Bizarre Airplane Terminals In The World!

Last Updated on November 13, 2019

An airport can be a magical place. Some writers suggest that these places are actually where people are most sincere with their feelings.

And there’s a truth to that — if you look closely, you will find laughter, tears, loving, isolation. Forget all the bad experiences you had with your flights: think about all the positive things you’ve experienced in your travel history.

We know it can get messy with flight ticket changes, long layover flights, airline overbooking, and flight ticket cancellations.

But for a second, think about the privilege of flying, of using your vacation time abroad, and being able to choose different travel destinations. It’s such a new possibility in humankind’s lifetime if you consider it all.

In conclusion, airlines can be difficult to deal with (ever tried to get a flight delay compensation?), but they can also be a blessing for our holidays.

One of the things your airline won’t tell you before your departure is about the airplane terminal where you will land. Just for fun, here are the 6 most mysterious in the world.


#1 – Denver International Airport

©International Airport Review

You probably didn’t know, but Denver International Airport is one of the largest airports in the world. It’s, in fact, the largest in America and the second-largest in the world.

So if you are searching about how to avoid long layovers, it’s better if you avoid the second biggest airport, right? Imagine the time just to get out of there.

That’s not, however, what makes it a strange place. Since its opening, in 1995, that this place is wrapped with mystery. Why? Well, it has nothing to do with airline rules and regulations but with its odd collection of sculptures and murals.

There’s also the story of a sculptor that died smashed by its own work. Theories about Nazi swastikas, aliens, and lizard people also make the rounds in this vast airport. Do you see?

There are more significant problems than fighting for overbooked flight compensation or choosing the best book hotel stay.

#2 – Chicago O’Hare International Airport

©Chicago Sun-Times

The case of the missing terminal. Picture this: last minute travel to Chicago. You have the best travel credit card that helped you get business-class seats. You took care of your travel insurance, and you’re ready to fly.

You start looking at this Chicago airport, and you see the domestic terminals: 1, 2, 3. You keep looking at the map, and you find terminal 5, the one used for international flights. You start wondering if you lost your mind: where is terminal 4? Well, believe it or not, it doesn’t exist.

Of course, it didn’t just disappear into thin air. Terminal 4 existed once — but it was a spectacular failure. In the ’80s, while there was a growing number of flights coming to Chicago, the project went forward.

There were, however, too many imperfections — Terminal 4 ended up being a problem and not a solution to the increasing amount of people arriving. To avoid any confusion with the old Terminal 4, Chicago authorities decided to use the name Terminal 5.

#3 – Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

©The Independent

Air travel passenger rights have changed a lot over the years. No matter what travel packages you choose, the international community has strict guidelines that are followed all over the world. They can be a bummer, but they are there to protect you.

Speaking of security, this Las Vegas airport is known for having a secret airline flying directly to the famous Area 51. You probably heard about it recently, when that joke on the internet turn viral — people intended to march there and uncover the secret experiences that are supposedly undergoing there.

If you’re planning to go there, you can’t fly, of course, via this airport — no matter how good your online travel agent is or how many frequent-flyer award tickets you have. Only the US military can get there. Plus, these flights are called like a regular one but the destination is marked as XXX — spooky.

#4 – London Heathrow International Airport


Heathrow is one of the most famous airports in the world. Opened in 1969, it was for a long time one the largest airport terminals in the world. But things change — just like airline policies do. Recently, the more modern and updated Terminal 2 takes all of the flights.

Terminal 1 failed to keep up with advanced technology, and it’s now empty. If you are now looking for a “travel agency near me” to find the best airfares to visit London finally, one thing is for sure: you will not use Terminal 1 — maybe they would not have the technology that allows you to make a credit card payment there.

#5 – Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey

©Building Design + Construction

It’s more a curiosity than something bizarre. The number five airport on our list has a unique restaurant that is not for people like you and me, that sometimes have to face the horror of an overbooked flight. We are talking about first-class material here.

Newark Liberty International Airport has a gourmet restaurant called Classified. As the name says, this is a secret restaurant. How can a restaurant be secret, you ask?

Simple, you can only access their delicacies menu if you are a frequent flier of United Airlines. But that’s not all: it’s not up to you to decide when to go there — there’s an exclusive invitation. Fancy!

#6 – Archerfield Airport, Queensland, Australia

©The Courier Mail

Australia — the land down under. It’s a fantastic journey to make. Except if you find a ghost in the air. If you have a trip there already booked — and before you start frantically searching about air travel cancellation rights — we must say that this is just a legend.

Reportedly is the ghost was a passenger of an Air Force plane that in 1943 crashed one minute only after the takeoff. It killed 23 people in total. It killed all the 23 passengers plus all the US military men and women that were on board — in 1943 the Second World War was on.



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