6 US Cities That Will Pay You To Move To Them!


Last Updated on December 15, 2020

© pixabay This might sound weird if you have never heard of such a thing, but many cities worldwide offer great financial benefits for people to move there. As they are known, these relocation programs aim to make a specific city more attractive to young people who are starting their careers. Local government entities hope that these young people’s settlement will make the city develop faster and encourage new investment in the area. In the United States of America, due to the increase in house prices (and rent) and in the overall cost of living in major cities, young graduates often look for opportunities in cheaper regions. Henceforth, it is expected that these relocations will become increasingly common due to the growing popularity of remote work – relocation programs will accelerate this process. Here are six great U.S. destinations that will pay you to move there:

1. Vermont

Speaking of remote workers, Vermont has an annual program called the Remote Worker Grant Program. In other words, the state offers up to ,000 over two years to cover all your relocation expenses, which also includes computer and software hardware and broadband access. Being the second least populated state (only behind Wyoming) with an aging workforce, these benefits are essential to attract young workers. Reasons to live in Vermont: It’s one of the safest states in America; It has a great quality of life; It is ranked as one of the healthiest states in America; It’s close to New York, Montreal, and Toronto; It fosters ample opportunities for new businesses; It offers great benefits for those who want to start a family;

2. Alaska

Alaska might be a great travel destination, but when you’re thinking about moving to another state to start your life, you probably won’t even consider it. It’s cold, very far from the other U.S. states, has a small economy, and it’s the most sparsely populated state. The state government knows this, so they implemented a series of grant programs and tax incentives to make Alaska more attractive. Besides not paying state income tax nor sale tax, permanent residents also receive about ,600 each year through the Permanent Fund Dividend. Reasons to live in Alaska: It is absolutely beautiful Real estate is very cheap The seafood is amazing You can see the Northern Lights



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