6 Weirdest Wellness Retreats In The World You Need To See To Believe!

Last Updated on October 23, 2019

The countdown has started and the holidays are just around the corner! I guess, you already have an idea about where to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas, right? So, are you planning to spend it with grandma, or maybe in Rome?

Well, you’d better book your flight ticket soon otherwise you will end up going nowhere, especially if you are willing to travel on a budget.

Holiday travel can be notoriously busy, expensive, and above all stressful! Still, you can always find good flight deals. You just have to check different airlines and the deals they offer during this time of the year.

However, if you are still lost and have no plans, we suggest that you try something different this time. We invite you to experience how good it feels to take a more spiritual and carefree journey where you forget about the rest of the world and only care about your wellness!

#1 – Silent Retreat In India

©Kookaburra Yoga

It’s not surprising to find out that stress, anxiety, and depression have become very common issues nowadays. The social life, as well as technology, made it quite impossible for the modern man to experience ultimate relaxation, comfort, and wellness.

The modern man is more prone to health and psychological issues. Hence, traveling to a place where one can unwind and get some peace of mind is strongly recommended.

The silent Retreat in India is, for instance, a great place to connect with your inner soul and practice some deep and meaningful meditation. In this Vipassana retreat, participants are made to follow a monastic lifestyle and take a 10-day vow of silence.

People who have been there and lived the experience said that this retreat helped them to improve their wellbeing and enhanced self-understanding.

#2 – Return to the womb, Gran Canaria


The mother’s womb is an amazing tool of relaxation, but unfortunately, it’s a one way trip for all of us. However, This doesn’t mean that you can’t live the experience differently!

In Gran Canaria and more particularly at the Lopesan Costa Meloneras resort, participants can lie in a fetal position or simply curl up on a waterbed while enjoying the ambient sounds emanating from the red warm walls.

You will come out of this retreat a brand new person. You will also tend to experience unexplainable feelings of comfort, peace, self-love, passion, and self-appreciation.

#3 – Salt Caves In Chicago

©Condé Nast Traveler

Unlike ordinary Spas, the salt caves retreat is unique of its kind. This wellness retreat, which is deeply hidden in the USA can offer participants an unforgettable experience where they don’t just relax and unwind from everyday life, but also get healthier.

The owners of this retreat say that only a short stint in any of their salt caves has the power to different types of health issues, including cure colon inflammation and asthma.

In fact, the benefits of salt-enriched air, or halotherapy as it is also called is known since Ancient Greece. So, do you wanna give it a try? Sit back, take a well-earned breather while enjoying the gentle music.

#4 – Meditating In Kayaks, In Mexico


Sick of listening to calming music, hoping that it soothes your inner soul and improves your well being! Well, we have a better suggestion! Dare to take this 8-day trip and allow yourself to closely witness the beauty of Carmen and Danzante Island while having some good company of dolphins and finback whales.

The sound of the waves when they lap against your boat, the silent meditation, the skies, and everything else will leave you breathless!

#5 – Laughter Yoga In India


Laughter is with no doubt the best medicine! For this, Dr. Madan Kataria established the first laughter club in 1995. He first started meeting his patients in Mumbai park and make them laugh with his jokes. Soon, people started turning up.

Madan Kataria believed that laughter is contagious. It seems he was right! Today Laughter yoga is common worldwide and some people even practice it via skype.

#6 – Crying Therapy in Japan

©Arteria Consulting

It’s believed that a good cry does wonders for one’s health and well being. It seems that the great philosopher Freud was right! It’s never healthy to keep your feelings inside or in other words bottle them up. If you wanna shout loud, do it. Wanna cry?

Let those tears run like rivers on your cheeks. But never ever let your feelings inside. In fact, that’s what this retreat is all about! Participants are strongly encouraged to weep out loud.

To get the emotions flowing, guests are being told sad stories by handsome ‘’weeping boys’’ and are even reminded of their deceased pets and other sad moments in their lives.
The crying therapy is now practiced by several companies for its proven benefits!

So, do you want to spend your Christmas holiday differently? Dare to explore another type of lifestyle and run away from the bustling life of the city life. Who knows, maybe one of these retreats can help you find yourself and your lost inner peace!



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