7 Amazingly Breath-Taking Open-Air Hotel Rooms You Need To See Before You Die!

Last Updated on November 15, 2019

The concept of “open-air” hotel rooms may seem a bit strange at first since we may associate it with something uncomfortable and not as cozy nor private as desired.

But the truth is that it has become somewhat popular in a few locations thanks to the wonderful ways some hotels managed to implement open-air rooms without ever neglecting luxury and comfort.

We’re about to show you what we mean by giving you some examples that are certain to whet your traveling appetite. It’s all about the hotel’s seemingly easy integration into the natural environment.

These places took advantage of their prime location to give their visitors a room that could all by itself turn their trip into an unforgettable experience. That’s quite an accomplishment.

So, open your hotel booking websites and see if you can get a good last-minute travel deal on one of the following high-end hotels for your nearest vacations. They will certainly provide you a unique experience and a lasting memory. One thing is for sure: you probably won’t want to leave the room, so don’t plan too many activities out of it.


#1 – Amangiri, United States of America


If you want to explore the magnificent landscapes around the protected areas of Utah like the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, and Bryce Canyon, this hotel is perfect for you.

Located in the Grand Circle, the Amangiri extends for over 600 acres and offers a wide range of experiences, from kayaking in the Lake Powell to hot air balloon flights over the Navajo Mountain, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and the Vermillion Cliffs. We promise you magical views.

And the best part is that at the end of the day you can relax on a stunning open-roof suite, and fall asleep directly under the desert stars. You can also enjoy a swim in your private pool in the room’s terrace first thing in the morning!

#2 – L’and, Portugal

©Portugal Confidential

If you want to visit Portugal but don’t want to spend your entire vacations in the center of cities like Lisbon or Porto (that have been destinations chosen by many tourists in recent years), this hotel is a great option.

Located in Montemor-o-Novo, a small city near Evora (that is worth a quick visit for sure) and just a one-hour drive away from Lisbon, this contemporary resort is splendid if you are looking to recharge your energies.

Their “Sky View Suite” has 120 square meters, an open ceiling and a private garden with a pool. Not to mention the amazing terrace with a fireplace and the fabulous wine tasting experiences (the hotel is surrounded by a vineyard, so if you like wine there’s a lot of it for you to try!).

#3 – L’albereta, Italy


Located near the Lago d’Iseo, L’Albereta is especially recommended for couples looking for a romantic, cushy and intimate vacation.

Like the L’and, it is also surrounded by vineyards: the famous vineyards of Franciacorta, where a highly praised sparkling wine is produced. Given the title of this article, we can only recommend the “Cabriolet Suite”.

This is a suite that faces the lake, with a magnificent bed and a pleasant surprise: you can open the roof by pressing a button.

If your lover always dreamt of visiting Italy, booking this room at L’Albereta will make a wonderful gift. And once you’re there you should take the opportunity to go shopping in Milan as it is just one hour away.

#4 – Loisaba, Kenya


If you are fascinated by wildlife, this place will let you astonished. Located in Northern Laikipia, Loisaba is a 57,000-acre wildlife conservancy ranch that works hard to protect and enhance wildlife diversity and their habitat.

They also partnered with Elewana Collection (an African hotel chain known for their unique places and safari experiences) to provide comfortable accommodation. Their “LosabaStarbeds” rooms overlook the Kiboko Dam, and have absolutely no ceiling nor walls. At all. Just a bed under the night sky.

It is often described and known as “the world’s biggest bedroom, where the glittery night sky is your ceiling and hills in the distance are your protective walls”. And this should be enough to arouse your curiosity.

#5 – Las Ventanas al Paraíso, Mexico

©International Traveller

Las Ventanas al Paraíso (in English “Windows to Paradise”) is a famous luxury resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. The resort is known for the quality of its service and all the gorgeous decorations.

Its penthouse suites all have a large terrace overlooking the ocean with a fireplace and a comfy king-size bed that will surely keep you cozy.

Enjoy the stunning views, fall asleep under the shine of the stars admiring the immensity of the night sky and wake up to a beautiful sunrise. And if you don’t like sleeping on the outside, you always have the option to end your night on the inside bed.

#6 – Nkwichi Lodge, Mozambique

©African Safari Destinations: Luxury Bespoke Travel

Africa has many treasures that tourists have yet to discover, and this Mozambican nook is surely one of them. The Nkwichi Lodge is located on the shores of Lake Malawi. It is an alluring and very serene place.

They offer a “Star-Bed” accommodation option that is exactly what it sounds like: a place where you will spend the entire night gazing at the stars while being kept warm by a cozy campfire. During the day, there are also a handful of water activities that will allow you to explore the lake and its surroundings.

#7 – Elqui Domos, Chile


This place is very different from the above as it is far from being luxurious. But the Elqui Domos will give you something that others can’t: an extraordinary sky where you can distinguish and admire various stars. It is widely known and praised for its astrological observatories.

They offer visitors a dome whose ceiling can be easily opened to admire all the beauty in the sky above. If you find these things fascinating, make sure to put Chile on your list of countries to visit immediately below Iceland’s Northern Lights.



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