7 Entertaining Airports You Need To Visit!

Last Updated on November 21, 2019

Airports are usually the annoying part of traveling – you need to get there earlier, waste time in lines, the food is usually overpriced, the place is huge but always crowded, sometimes being at an airport means you are saying goodbye to someone… Well, the list could go on.

But like every coin, the “airport coin” also has another side. And if you have probably seen lists about the most beautiful airports in the world, hearing about weird but amazing airport attractions is probably new to you – but they exist, and they exist because some airports want to provide people with unforgettable experiences that will be the exact opposite of what they would expect at an airport.

So, at the top of the list of tips for surviving airports, we have this one – on your next flight ticket booking, consider landing at one of the seven airports we are about to recommend you.


#1 – Surf At The Munich International Airport, Munich, Germany


If you are looking for travel deals and you see a cheap flight to Munich, take it! (Don’t do it too spontaneously though, because you might have to deal with non-refundable airline ticket rules if you buy a ticket just because it’s cheap and end up not being able to go).

The airport in Munich is one of those places you will want time to explore. And you are probably thinking we are crazy, because how do you surf at an airport, right?

Well, there is a 33-foot indoor pool with waves that hosts the Surf & Style Championship where surfers from all over the globe come to participate since 2012. And you might not go to Germany while the championship is happening, but you can always go and catch a wave yourself – and for free!

There is also the German skateboarding championship – you can rent equipment at the airport, since it’s cheap, and take part in skateboarding sessions. Airline ticket insurance won’t pay for any damages, so make sure you are in shape when getting yourself into these extreme sporting activities.

#2 – Watch The Airport Trolls At Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado


Have you ever sat at an airport wondering about the people around you? Sort of like bird watching, but with humans? Well, at Denver International Airport that’s two times more interesting because there is a gargoyle.

Yes, you read that well, a gargoyle – and it talks with the purpose of trolling the people who visit the airport. Sit nearby and laugh while the gargoyle comments on people’s large and weird hats, or their excessive luggage.

The 243-year-old gargoyle not only comments on people’s appearances as they also reply when people have something to say or a question. This is, without a doubt, one of the best airports in America (or at least one of the funniest)

#3 – Lose Yourself At The Maze At Changi Airport Singapore, Changi, Singapore


Singapore is part of many people’s traveling bucket lists, probably because it is one of the best places to travel. But on any travel apps or travel websites you use to navigate, we bet you will find out that this wonderful traveling experience starts right at the airport.

At Changi Airport, you can do lots and lots of activities making it one of the best airports in the world, but the best one is definitively the maze-like garden.

It will be super easy to get distracted since this is the largest hedge maze in the country and it leads to a viewpoint that will offer you amazing city views – make sure not to lose your flight while enjoying all this beauty, it can be a problem if you don’t have airline insurance.

#4 – Get Inside The War Tunnel Tour At Sarajevo International Airport, Sarajevo, Bosnia, And Herzegovina

©Sygic Travel

Online travel booking system websites might sometime suggest you less-known places you never really considered to visit, and Sarajevo is probably one of them. But you know what you probably never considered visiting either?

A tunnel at the airport, and that’s exactly what you will have here. This tunnel was built in 1993, while the Bosnian War was taking place, and it connected the Bosnian territories, being the safest way to move arms and supplies around while the city was being attacked by the Serbians.

Now tourists can use their spare time at the airport to explore this historical sighting discovered by Laura DiBiase while she was traveling around Eastern Europe.

#5 – Be A Pilot For A Day At Zurich Airport, Zurich, Switzerland


Don’t be scared, you are not responsible for flying the plane (boy, that travel insurance would be expensive), but you can enjoy a flight training simulation at the Sim Academy.

You can pick from 4 different types of aircraft and you can do this activity all by yourself or in groups.

For anyone that loves flying in general, this will probably be one of the best airport lounges in the world – you can go on an Airside Foto tour, visit the Airscope Binoculars that will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views or simply take a sightseeing trip on a helicopter.

#6 – Start Your Cultural Immersion At The Incheon International Airport, Incheon, South Korea


One of the things people seek the most when picking a new place to travel is a place that matches their cultural interests, be it in history, art or even food. But at the Incheon International Airport, the cultural experience starts as soon as you get out of the plane.

There are plenty of museums, art galleries and even observatories for you to go and explore while you are waiting for your flight. There are so many interesting exhibitions that you will find yourself wanting to have your flight delayed, just so you can enjoy this lively cultural center a little longer.

There is also a fair number of Korean Culture Centers where you can listen to music, watch dance shows and even try out some arts and crafts.

#7 – At Philadelphia International Airport You “Are With The Band”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The music they play at the airport will probably make you sleepy or just annoyed. But at the Philadelphia International Airport, things are different – the Philly Phever band walks cheerfully through the airport bringing their music and their general good mood to anyone who is waiting for a plane. You can just follow them around and enjoy their amazing performance.

Did you enjoy our airport tips? Do you have any tips yourself or know of any out-of-the-box airport we haven’t listed? Let us know!



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