7 Entertaining Airports You Need To Visit!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

#2 – Watch The Airport Trolls At Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado


Have you ever sat at an airport wondering about the people around you? Sort of like bird watching, but with humans? Well, at Denver International Airport that’s two times more interesting because there is a gargoyle.

Yes, you read that well, a gargoyle – and it talks with the purpose of trolling the people who visit the airport. Sit nearby and laugh while the gargoyle comments on people’s large and weird hats, or their excessive luggage.

The 243-year-old gargoyle not only comments on people’s appearances as they also reply when people have something to say or a question. This is, without a doubt, one of the best airports in America (or at least one of the funniest)

#3 – Lose Yourself At The Maze At Changi Airport Singapore, Changi, Singapore


Singapore is part of many people’s traveling bucket lists, probably because it is one of the best places to travel. But on any travel apps or travel websites you use to navigate, we bet you will find out that this wonderful traveling experience starts right at the airport.

At Changi Airport, you can do lots and lots of activities making it one of the best airports in the world, but the best one is definitively the maze-like garden.

It will be super easy to get distracted since this is the largest hedge maze in the country and it leads to a viewpoint that will offer you amazing city views – make sure not to lose your flight while enjoying all this beauty, it can be a problem if you don’t have airline insurance.

#4 – Get Inside The War Tunnel Tour At Sarajevo International Airport, Sarajevo, Bosnia, And Herzegovina

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Online travel booking system websites might sometime suggest you less-known places you never really considered to visit, and Sarajevo is probably one of them. But you know what you probably never considered visiting either?

A tunnel at the airport, and that’s exactly what you will have here. This tunnel was built in 1993, while the Bosnian War was taking place, and it connected the Bosnian territories, being the safest way to move arms and supplies around while the city was being attacked by the Serbians.



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