7 Unique Beaches That Will Astonish You!

Last Updated on December 6, 2019

Beaches are arguably human’s favorite natural landscapes. A great percentage of people in developed countries travel to the coast during vacations to rest, recharge their batteries, and have some fun with family or friends.

Some of the most popular beaches have become heavily exploited by Man to take advantage of its natural beauty for profits: restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other beach services like sun lounger rental started to appear along the coast.

Together with the need for safety and comfort that ornamented beaches with lifeguard posts, showers, and changing rooms, all this contributed to deeply alter the natural landscape of countless beaches around the globe.

But in spite of everything, we all know some underdeveloped beach, a true natural wonder of the word that Man is yet to touch and not many people know about.

The following list shows you 7 of the most beautiful beaches in the world, each with its own particularity. These are unique places to visit that are very different from the idea of beach that inhabits your imagination: yellow sand, blue waves with foam tips, a bright breeze, and the smell of sunscreen.


#1 – Cave Beach, Algarve (Portugal)


Portugal is one of the best places to travel, especially during the summer. You can often find good travel deals(cheap flight tickets and accommodation) and the country itself is pretty inexpensive when compared to other famous south European destinations such as Italy and Greece.

The region of Algarve, located in the south and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, has several amazing beaches and a very attractive nightlife. British people love it, so don’t be surprised if you visit it in August and all you see are pale tourists with straw hats and sunburns.

The Cave beach in Benagil is not exactly a hidden treasure. Both tourists and locals love the place, and it’s often crowded. But that doesn’t interfere with its beauty.

Accessible only by boat, this cave beach sculptured by Nature itself is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day tanning and watching the sunlight pouring through the cave’s holes. Just be prepared for an absurd amount of boats arriving and departing throughout the day.

#2 – Glass Beach, California (United States)

©California Beaches

The Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is probably the most bizarre place on this list. The sea glass was created after decades of dumping garbage into the coastline.

The erosion process completely transformed the garbage into some kind of smooth glass sand which is now the reason behind thousands of visits every summer. Nature is truly capable of remarkable things.

Recently, another phenomenon related to human pollution similar to this one was discovered in Madeira (Portugal). Scientists are calling it “plasticrust”. They found marine litter (plastic dumped into the ocean) embedded in the rocks on Madeira’s coast. Its origin, formation, and impact remain unknown.

#3 – Chandipur beach, Odisha (India)


India has some amazing beaches. So, what makes this one so unique, special, and worth mentioning? Because in Chandipur beach, the sea recedes about 5 kilometers during the low tide.

That is why it is also known and called as “the vanishing beach”. You can watch the ocean disappear into the horizon right in front of your eyes and then go for a walk into the seabed as fishermen collect crabs. What an amazing visual experience.

#4 – Red Sand Beach, Galapagos Islands (Equador)

©Ikala Galapagos Hotel

Rábida Island is located at the heart of the Galapagos archipelago and is famous for its red-colored sand and diverse wildlife that attracts a great number of tourist cruises (the island is inhabited).

The blue ocean, red sand and cliffs, and some green from the cactus and bushes along the island combine for a colorful and visually appealing landscape. If you are an adventurous traveler, this is an earth’s natural wonder you will most likely never forget.

#5 – Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii (United States)

©Drone & DSLR

Speaking of colored sand beaches, the Punaluubeach is Hawaii’s most famous black sand beach.

When lava is released by volcanic activity and flows into the ocean, it cools downvery fast and forms basalt: a volcanic black rock that after years of erosion is transformed into black sand.Be careful not to burn your feet, because black sand can get extremely hot in direct sunlight.

It is also one of the few places on Earth where sea turtles bask on the beach. If you are fascinated by marine life, you must visit this beach. Just make sure you know how to behave yourself around turtles.

#6 – Ponta da Ferraria, São Miguel (Portugal)


Another Portuguese beach that made it to this list. This one is located in the autonomous region of the Azores, an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands. The Ponta da Ferraria beach, on the island of São Miguel, is known for its fantastic thermal spring.

It is a natural formation that allows people to bathe in a swimming pool fed by a hot volcanic spring (62ºC) and the ocean water. At low tide, the water can reach 28,1ºC.

To fully enjoy this beach, we recommend you visit it during the summer or spring, otherwise, the view may be masked by a dense fog.To bathe in water heated by volcanic activity truly is an unbelievable wonder of the world.

#7 – Bioluminescentbeaches, Maldives


You probably have already seen some fantastic pictures from the Maldives at night with a glowing ocean bathing the beach. This effect is caused by bioluminescent plankton.

It is a defense mechanism of the plankton so that predators target their attention to the glowing light. This light is produced from a compound called luciferin.

If you are fortunate enough to observe this phenomenon, you can try moving your hands across the water – it will glow when you agitate the water and then slowly fade out.

Be aware that this phenomenon doesn’t happen every day. In fact, it is highly unpredictable and there is no guarantee that you will see it during your trip to the Maldives. However, some people believe June – October to be the high season for spotting the bioluminescent plankton. Good luck!



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