7 Unique Beaches That Will Astonish You!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

It is also one of the few places on Earth where sea turtles bask on the beach. If you are fascinated by marine life, you must visit this beach. Just make sure you know how to behave yourself around turtles.

#6 – Ponta da Ferraria, São Miguel (Portugal)


Another Portuguese beach that made it to this list. This one is located in the autonomous region of the Azores, an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands. The Ponta da Ferraria beach, on the island of São Miguel, is known for its fantastic thermal spring.

It is a natural formation that allows people to bathe in a swimming pool fed by a hot volcanic spring (62ºC) and the ocean water. At low tide, the water can reach 28,1ºC.

To fully enjoy this beach, we recommend you visit it during the summer or spring, otherwise, the view may be masked by a dense fog.To bathe in water heated by volcanic activity truly is an unbelievable wonder of the world.

#7 – Bioluminescentbeaches, Maldives


You probably have already seen some fantastic pictures from the Maldives at night with a glowing ocean bathing the beach. This effect is caused by bioluminescent plankton.

It is a defense mechanism of the plankton so that predators target their attention to the glowing light. This light is produced from a compound called luciferin.

If you are fortunate enough to observe this phenomenon, you can try moving your hands across the water – it will glow when you agitate the water and then slowly fade out.

Be aware that this phenomenon doesn’t happen every day. In fact, it is highly unpredictable and there is no guarantee that you will see it during your trip to the Maldives. However, some people believe June – October to be the high season for spotting the bioluminescent plankton. Good luck!



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