9 Most Beautiful Deserts In The Americas (Must-Visit)

When people think about contacting their online travel agent and book a trip somewhere, they often think about the most common tourists’ attractions that everybody goes to.

However, there is more in the world to see than visiting the Eifel tower or the Statue of Liberty.

It would be such a shame to make all the necessary travel arrangements, contacting your travel insurance provider, getting the best travel credit card, and spending hours on website booking to finally find yourself visiting regular places and having a plain tourist experience.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best deserts in the world that promise you an unforgettable, out of the ordinary travel experience.

While traveling to these places, you need to make sure that you detach yourself from this modern world. In other words, try to clear your mind and live the moment ; and certainly, no mobile phones allowed.


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The Mojave Desert


The first place on our list that you need to check online travel websites to visit is the Mojave Desert. This desert is so big that it covers 4 U.S. states, and it is home to several natural wonders such as Death Valley, Valley of Fire, as well as some little towns here and there.

The desert runs through South-West Utah and North-West Arizona; however, it covers more space in South Nevada and South-East California.

The desert is also located at over 280 feet below sea level, making it distinct from many others in the world. So get in touch with your travel booking agent and get yourself an unforgettable trip.

Sonoran Desert


You should definitely get your trekking backpack and go visit this wonderful place. The Sonoran Desert is located in the south-west of the United States; California and Arizona as well as Mexico.

The reason why you would love to go for hiking trips in this desert is that it offers panoramic views that are nothing but breathtaking.

When traveling to this place, you will have the chance to watch a lot of flora and fauna beauty including Saguaro species of cacti as well as organ pipes. Even better, you can have easy access to the desert through Phoenix and Tucson.

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Salar De Uyuni


When checking pictures of the Salar De Uyuni on Google, you will definitely consult online travel sites to book a flight to Bolivia. This is a different kind of deserts because it is made up of ,literally, miles and miles of salt.

To be more specific, Salar De Uyuni covers 4,600 square miles of space and located 11,000 feet above sea level, so you are guaranteed an unprecedented experience.

The desert used to contain a lake called Lago Minchin; however, the lake dried out leaving behind a magnificent scene. So what are you waiting for to get your travel backpack and go for a trip to this place?

Chihuahuan Desert

©Fine Art America

Running some online travel booking for the Chihuahuan Desert is something that you definitely won’t regret. This desert covers an area of 175,000 square miles, making it one of the biggest deserts in North America.

If you want to take your travel backpack and go for an adventure in this desert, you will have the chance to check native flora and fauna including Arizona Rainbow Cactus and Gray Fox.

In addition, you will enjoy stunning views from the desert that will certainly look good on your smartphone photos. Also, you need to visit the White Sands National Monument for spectacular sceneries.

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Patagonian Desert


Not only are you going to check online travel companies for a trip to this amazing location, but also you may consider living there. This desert is among the biggest on the planet, covering an area of 418,000 square miles.

The best thing about this location is that it is suitable for human habitation, so it may not be a bad idea to settle there.

The Patagonia features canyons and valleys as well as highly-varied landscape. Moreover, there are various plants and animals that call this place home, which are worth the burden that travelers may take to get there.

The Atacama Desert


We bet that after checking this place online, you won’t hesitate to consult travel booking websites for a trip to see one of Mother Nature’s best creations. This desert is considered the driest place on the entire planet; however, it holds beauty that is worth the trouble.

There are even some areas of the Atacama that have never witnessed a drop of rain. Despite all of this, there is actually a huge number of people who call this desert home.

Moreover, this place is for the adventurers who would like to watch one of the best light shows in the sky they’ll ever have the chance to see.

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The Colorado Plateau


If you want a place to make you forget about your health insurance, travel insurance, and dollar bills, The Colorado Plateau is the place for you. In this place, you will feel connected with yourself as you close your eyes to have a different sensation than the one you get in the city.

The Colorado Plateau covers an area of 130,000 square miles, making up the Rocky Mountains, Uinta Mountains, and the Wasatch Mountains. This place also features natural bridges, high forests, 9 natural parks, and reefs; which makes hiking trips here an unforgettable experience.

The Monte Desert

©Living WILD in South America

The Monte desert is small when we compare it to other deserts in the South and North America; however, it still offers beautiful scenery.

You can check this desert after visiting either the Patagonian or the Atacama Deserts in Argentina; since it is located between the two of them. The desert features various salt lakes, volcanic residue, towering mountains, in addition to the Rio Colorado and Rio Desaguero rivers.

The best thing about this area is that it has something to offer for everyone, so you won’t be disappointed if you took your family there. So get yourself a reliable online travel agent and visit this beautiful area.

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The Great Basin Desert

©National Park Service

This is one of the biggest deserts in the United States, and it is definitely nothing but impressive. It covers a whopping area of 190,000 square miles and witnesses frosty winters, and steamy, hot summers.

Just so that you can have a perspective about how big this desert is, it encompasses 5 states: Idaho, California, Oregon, Arizona, and Utah.

This desert is often dry all year round, which makes it an ideal travel destination for families and solo travelers who are trying to connect with Mother Nature and listen to the quiet sound of the desert instead of car honking and people yelling at each other.

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