9 of The Wealthiest Villages That Exist In Asia

Every year, we make thousands of plans. We might not address them in public, but it does not mean that we do not have any in mind. Travel plans are also among the long list of the annual plans.

You probably had or maybe still have a quite lengthy travel bucket list that has not been realized yet. Well, when is a good time to turn your unique bucket list ideas into reality anyway!

That is why you should take action and make the next risky jump of going on real-life bucket list adventures. Any travel experience requires a budget which would cover purchasing a travel insurance policy, paying private guides if needed, and paying for active vacation packages.

Well, no one knows for how long you would live, so make your left days in life worthwhile. Besides, flight reservation is easier than ever and hotel deals are everywhere. If you are ready to fly the skies, we would recommend visiting the following wealthiest villages that exist in Asia.


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Shani Shingnapour, Maharashtra


If you are considering to embark on cheap international trips, there is no better place than Asia to start with. Through your travel experience in this huge geographical spot, you would be startled by what you will see, experience and taste.

During your journey, you can stop by the famous Shani Shingnapour village in Maharashtra state. A quick air travel journey with cheap plane tickets in hand is all that you need to see at close range the known Shani Devta temple of which Shani Shingnapour is famous.

The striking thing about this Asian, wealthy village is the absence of houses’ and offices’ doors.

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Kokrebellur, Karnataka

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We hope that your bucket list vacations include Asia as the main destination. No need to worry about cheap flight tickets or promo flights, for all kinds of flight and hotel deals can be found online on travel booking websites.

As for the destination, we might be capable of taking care of that, as we recommend the Kokrebellur village in Karnataka. Unlike what is commonly known about villages, this Asian village is a rich spot on one hand and a bird sanctuary on the other.

Given the threatening dangers of climate change and environmental imbalance, the village is the shelter of birds which are about to extinct.

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Dharnai, Bihar


Are there any secret travel plans on your bucket list journal? Are you willing to take part in an adventure travel experience around the world?

Well, we hope so, for traveling out of the country where you were born and raised is the best way to challenge yourself and see the world from a broader perspective.

Whatever is your destination, the most important tip of all other traveling abroad tips is keeping your travel luggage light, especially if you are going to wander around the Dhanai village in Bihar.

Despite being located in an underdeveloped state, the village is both rich and technologically developed. Three decades ago, people in the Dhanai used to live their nights in darkness. Now, the village has its own solar energy system.

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Pothanicad, Kerala

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Whatever international trips you pick, bear in mind that it is your shot to make all your or most of your bucket list things real. The best bucket list would be of no value if its owner does not work on making every single lived idea a reality.

If you are by any chance heading to Asia, you are invited to explore the Pothanicad in Kerala. This village is labeled as the richest village in India but not in terms of money; it is rather because of its high literacy rates.

The village is also rich in verdant, natural views and scenes which is why you should take your Canon and Nikon camera with you.

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Punsari, Gujarat


Before you hit the road to the airport, you should recheck everything from passport to luggage. If there are any passport and visa procedures to conclude, then you have to work on that even before you book your ticket.

Keeping an international travel checklist in hand is helpful, for it serves as a reminder to manage all these things. If all is good, then you are ready to take off. As far as travel destinations are concerned, it is always wiser to pick peaceful places.

That is why you could stay for few days in the Punsari village in Gujarat. It is one of the rarest villages in India with a minibus service in its streets and AC plus Wi-Fi service in its classes. This village could be your best bucket list destinations on which you can make a whole documentary.

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Maraog, Himachal Pradesh


Any thoughts on how to travel internationally on a limited budget? Well, as a start, one could pick a cheap destination to fly to and stay in. That is why heading to villages is a good idea; of course as long as they are safe.

Accordingly, we nominate the Maraog village in Himachal Pradesh as a good travel destination. If you are in love with apple pies, this village can provide with tons of apples. In fact, it is India’s main source and producer of apples in the country, also in the est of the world.

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Baladia, Gujarat


A single visit to the Baladia village in Gujarat would take your breathes away. It is the perfect village for everything. If you are on the lookout for peace and quietness, then Baladia is the right place for you.

On top of this, the village residents are wealthy, for many of their family members work abroad in countries like Kenya and the United Kingdom.

Regardless of the fact that they immigrated out of their country, they never gloss over their roots. You might be surprised to know that people of the village clean and wash, literally, the streets.

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Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra

©Yahoo News

Can you believe that Hiware Bazar village in Maharashtra is home to 60 millionaires? It is surprising yet true even if Hiware Bazar is just a village.

The richness of the village is reflected through the great improvements to which the village was subject, as a sanitary system was set up, and another irrigation system was put in place. The installation of such systems requires both labor and money.

Fortunately, the Hiware Bazar village is rich enough to afford both. The story of this small but wealthy village in Asia deserves to be chronicled and considered as an example.

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Madhapar, Gurajat


If you are not quite sure about how to plan and outline your trip, you could contact a travel booking agent or an international trip planner which is even better. At all rights, look for a destination where you can enjoy a good travel experience but in peace.

If you are to head to India, some of its cities are quite crowded and noisy, while some of its villages are just beyond description thanks to their natural beauty. A village like Baladia in Gujarat is one which enjoys $12,000 of GDP. That is what makes this village one of the wealthiest spots in India and Asia as a whole.

Do you know any modest, yet rich villages in Europe or America? Well, feel free to share their names or your personal experience of visiting them in a comment below!

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