Here are 11 terrible cities to live in

Self-safety and security are two things to never negotiate over no matter what, especially if you decide to move to a new city. The moving business entails the examination of all your plans and options based on what you have as a budget and what you intend as a destination.

Buying a new home is not an easy thing, especially if you got a family. So think carefully before taking any step forward. You can find the nicest houses for sale, but you need to have a clear plan in your head before taking any decision.

You need to base your choice on your destination’s economic situation, school systems, poverty rate, wages and houses prices. Changing your life and moving to a different place are not easy things. It is the point when you have to start over in another place.

A new start requires a new good job and safe environment for your personal house security and safety. A new city moving prices and costs are also a big issue.

In fact, there are some cities which are not quite recommended to live in because of their insecure or unstable status, plus the low wages and high houses prices. Here is a list of 11 cities to never move to.




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