Here are 11 terrible cities to live in

Self-safety and security are two things to never negotiate over no matter what, especially if you decide to move to a new city. The moving business entails the examination of all your plans and options based on what you have as a budget and what you intend as a destination.

Buying a new home is not an easy thing, especially if you got a family. So think carefully before taking any step forward. You can find the nicest houses for sale, but you need to have a clear plan in your head before taking any decision.

You need to base your choice on your destination’s economic situation, school systems, poverty rate, wages and houses prices. Changing your life and moving to a different place are not easy things. It is the point when you have to start over in another place.

A new start requires a new good job and safe environment for your personal house security and safety. A new city moving prices and costs are also a big issue.

In fact, there are some cities which are not quite recommended to live in because of their insecure or unstable status, plus the low wages and high houses prices. Here is a list of 11 cities to never move to.


Memphis, Tennessee

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Along the Mississippi River, there you find Memphis in Tennessee, United States. Generally speaking, Memphis is a good city to visit only for the amazing restaurants it contains inclusive of The Arcade which serves chicken, biscuits, hearty breakfasts of waffles and many other delicious meals.

As a visitor, you can kick off your journey by paying a visit to The Memphis National Civil Rights Museum. You can have even look at the exact site where Martin Luther King was assassinated. You can enjoy also the musical richness of the city including rock and roll, blues and soul.

This historical one day tour around the city is interesting, but living there is quite a different thing. If you are wondering if there are any affordable houses for sale, the answer is yes. But, their prices are basically dependent on demand.

That is to say, if the prices are low, demands will be also affected by dropping. Normally, the median home price in Memphis is 93,700 dollars. According to several records, the unemployment rate reached 11.3%.

This is what makes buying a home, even if the price is low, kind of hard thing. Besides, Memphis is ranked the 9Th as far as the crime rate is concerned according to the data of the FBI.

As for schooling, it seems that Memphis has quite an issue with education since it is ranked as the 76th highest high school dropout.

Jackson, Missouri


Jackson is situated in the Cape Girardeau County in the US. It is another historical city full of past time tales and ancient memories. Jackson was not linked to Cape Girardeau County until 1877 through a railway service line.

If you are fond of American history, this place will satisfy your expectations for one or two days. The National Register of Historic Places included the Big Hill Farmstead Historic District, Abraham Byrd House and McKendree chapel in its list.

McKendree chapel was for the record founded in 1819. Historically speaking, Protestants believe that the chapel is the oldest Protestants church on the western side of Mississippi River.

You must be excited to spend few days in the city, but not a lifetime. The median house price in Jackson is about 89,500, whereas the median income is around 54,000 dollars.

The unemployment rate is a little higher than the one in Memphis. Registers indicate that the rate reached 12.8%. Home and personal security is a must, yet Jackson does not seem to be the city to provide you with the safety you need.

It records the 52nd highest crime rate nationwide in the US. Hearing about this may now make you change your mind about visiting, let alone living there. If you have kids, you will understand that investing for a child’s future is both hard and necessary.

Jackson is not the right place for your kid to be well educated or well paid good money in the future term.

Damascus, Syria


Back in its golden good days, Damascus was the most visited city in the Levent and Middle East. However, war has changed and turned everything upside down inclusive of people’s lives.

Tourists used to love this city which brought together the Islamic and Christian cultures on one land. In the past, the Umayyad Mosque and Azm Palace were the most visited sites in the city, but this is no longer possible.

Along with other Syrian cities, Damascus turned into a war zone. Most of the Syrian people sought refuge in Europe and neighboring countries. The American State Department considers Syria as a prohibited place to travel to.

The political instability in the country may put the visitors’ life at stake. Among the very risky dangers, one could be subject to in Damascus is exposure to being killed or injured because of the ballistic missiles or chemical weapons. Syria is unfortunately no longer safe even for its own people.

Dayton, Ohio


Dayton is the place where planes work nonstop. It is a famous city for aviation activity in it. In fact, Dayton hosts one of the largest aviation museums worldwide, not to mention that the latter is the most attractive visited place in the whole city.

In reality, it is the birthplace of the Wright Brothers, who are the pioneers of successful aviation. They worked so hard to invent, build and fly the most gorgeous airplanes in history. Thanks to them, aviation became safer at the time.

If you are not quite into planes, why do not visit Carillon Historical Park which includes exhibits and buildings that are marks of the great ancient, rich history of the city. This sounds amazing right?

But do you think that Dayton is the right place where to live and stay? The answer is no, and the reasons are as follows, first, the median house price in the city is 66,600 dollars.

Second, the unemployment percentage is already high, reaching 13.3%,. Third, the median income, which is estimated to be 28,745 dollars, reflects the poor conditions in which most of the residents live. According to the states’ criminal record, safety is not in the city’s dictionary as the crime rate is high.

Detroit, Michigan

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As far as population is concerned in the US, Detroit is the most populous place nationwide. The most evident and fascinating thing you will notice once you step in Detroit is the Gothic architectural style and the high skyscrapers.

Detroit hosts some of the United States’ most wonderful places to visit including Fox Theatre, Detroit Opera House and Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit is also known for being the center of auto-industry since the 20th century.

All these facts and many others seem to excite you at the beginning to go visit and even settle in Detroit, but you need to continue reading to see if that is preferable of not.

Detroit was in the 1940s, in particular, one of the richest and developed cities, but now a number of factors contribute to reversing its reputation. The fact that the medium house price is 41,000 dollars makes it as the worst place to live in ever.

The unemployment rate is incredibly high. The recent estimation is 22.1%. As for the income, it does not exceed 26,249 dollars which force people to live below the poverty line.

In comparison with other cities all over the country, when it comes to the crime rate, Detroit is the 3rd most dangerous city preceded by Baltimore and Saint Louis to live in because of the high crime rate.

Tripoli, Libya

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The Phoenicians who were known as the great sailors founded the city of Tripoli in the 7th century BC. However, the city was not always reigned buy the Phoenicians, as the Romans assumed the reigns of power in the city in the 2nd century BC.

In fact, you can still see the last remains of the Romans ruling period which are embodied in the Arch of Marcus Aurelius. The fact that the city contained a strategically major harbor caught the eye of many colonizers throughput history.

But in recent years, Libya turned into a war zone, including Tripoli, long before Syria. February 2011 marked the beginning of the unstable condition in Libya. People took the streets and gathered in the Green Square in Tripoli to declare their rejection of Al Gaddafi as president.

Despite the latter’s death, Libya is not stable yet. That is why the US State Department included the city in the must-not-visited list, beside Damascus in Syria. Foreign tourists and visitors can be in great danger for they can be kidnapped by the active terroristic groups around the city.

San Bernardino, California


San Bernardino, or Gate City as it is called sometimes, is regarded as the 17th largest city in the state of California. It includes several consulates and diplomatic missions to the Riverside-San Bernardino Metropolitan Area.

As a touristic destination, the Gate City is home to a number of historical landmarks and buildings which chronicle the ancient history of the county such as the National Guard Armory building, Lincoln Memorial Shrine, and the Arrowhead Lake.

By reading this, you may feel that this is the right place for you, but considering other factors, it might not be the one place for you. Given that the county is located nearby LA, a lot of people think it is amazing to live next to Hollywood.

But the real conditions in the county do not really encourage anyone to take the risk of moving. The employment rate is 7 times worse. Not to mention that it is not a quite safe place for your family and you.

Records detect high crime rate which is estimated to be 80.6 %, which involves the rate of violent crimes as well. The security of your home might be in danger, as the property crime reached 56.2%. These reasons are quite enough to change your mind about moving to San Bernardino.

Cleveland, Ohio


It is nicknamed the Forest City which was founded in 1796. Thanks to its geographical and strategic location near the Lake Eire, railway lines and canals, Cleveland managed to base its economy on manufacturing, health care and financial services.

The architecture, in particular, in Cleveland is an interesting detail to dwell on. It is a mixture of neoclassical style and modern architectural style embodied in the skyscrapers.

During your visit to Cleveland, you can step by Great Lakes Science Centre, Cleveland Botanical Garden or Metroparks Zoo. The tour is going to cost you a bit, but the sites are really amazing. However, living in Cleveland is somehow a different story.

The median house value can be 67,000 dollars, plus the unemployment rate, which is high, makes living in the city not a possible thing to achieve. Violent- crimes are the most occurring crimes in the city with an average of 91.6 out of 100.

Property crimes are also no exception. In fact, they exceeded the US average rate. Are you still thinking you can manage to live there?

Lagos, Nigeria

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The ranking of the worst places to live in does not exclude any part of the world. There are some good places where all the expectations meet your needs, but there are places worldwide, where your life can be in grave danger.

Africa is the continent where many countries along with their peoples suffer economically and socially from poverty. Demographically speaking, Lagos, for instance, in Nigeria is the largest and most populous city in the whole continent.

At the level of the African continent, Lagos is an economic hub and center. But this is not exactly promising, as it is also the basic presence point of Boko Haram, which is a terroristic group quite active in the city.

Unlike Damascus and Tripoli which are ranked as level 4 regarding danger by the US State Department, Nigeria is a level 3 destination, which means that traveling to Lagos must be reconsidered as a choice.

The active terroristic groups and the occurrence of violent and fierce crimes are convincing reasons to keep anyone sane away from this place.

Brownsville, Texas


For American and Mexican beach lovers alike, Brownsville is the perfect destination. Texas is one of the rare cities where Spanish and English come along. People usually tend in their day-to-day interactions to mix a little of Spanish with English.

It is an example of co-existence of two cultures and two languages. Because of the proximity to Mexico, Texan culture was deeply influenced, that is what explains celebrating few traditions which are rooted in the Mexican culture in Brownsville, Texas.

The city includes many art galleries for art admirers and historical museums for history lovers. As a place to visit for a couple of days, Brownsville in Texas is more than perfect.

But as a place to live in, it is absolutely not. The unemployment rate is about 90.4%, and the median house value is already low. The weather is also not a quite encouraging factor either. Even though there are plenty of activities to perform outdoors, Brownsville is not a good place to live in

Tucson, Arizona

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The State of Arizona is regarded as one of the most splendid places to visit. You must have heard of the Grand Canyon which is itself located in Arizona. You can visit some of the fascinating natural sites inclusive of deserts and historical landmarks.

Tucson, which is also among the large cities in the US, is the home of the University of Arizona. The city witnessed several changes in the 19th century since its foundation. Tucson makes the unique destination for golf players.

You can experience Desert Golf while you are surrounded by the Sonoran Desert. Thanks to the skilled golf courses’ designers, Tucson contains the best golf courses internationally.

The accommodations provided by Tucson Golf are unlimited and very attractive. Maybe you can go on a holiday this year. But you are not advised to live there at any rate. The median house value is very low.

As far as the crime rate is concerned, Tucson records show it is the 15th highest crime rate city in the US. The truth is that violent crimes have already exceeded the average nationwide. The weather is also not an easy issue to deal with. Arizona is known for its high temperatures in summer.

In a city beset with risks and dangers, life becomes impossible. You certainly cannot afford a personal home security guard, examine your suspicious neighbors’ national criminal record check, or build your own school for your kids.

These are things that are supposed to be provided by governmental institutions. You may find plenty of new houses to buy in big cities, but moving there is not really possible. House low prices should not be your sole concern.

You need to know more about the place’s economy, security and safety, education for kids. Parents usually seek schools which contain both excellent teachers and systems.

They may sometimes even look for schools which are equipped with sophisticated technologies such as school visitor management and other techno-software to ensure their kids are well educated.



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