Here Are The 10 Interesting Places With Low Population Density

So what are you up to this time? Any air travel or road trips’ plans? When planning for their vacations, most people pick up active vacation packages to travel to hot destinations upon their travel booking agent’s advice.

But summer hot places are not the only ones where to spend holidays. There is plenty of cold destinations worth it to see and travel to.

Guide books might help you through your adventure travel, but they will not provide everything you need to know about your destination like the population density. We all realize that earth is becoming increasingly crowded as new births are being registered overnight.

In fact, human demography is higher than expected in some countries, while it is slow in some others. If you scrutinize the world population density map, you will be able to realize that some places are populated mostly by animals and few small communities of humans. For more details on the least populated places in the world, keep on reading!


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The Central African Republic

Not everyone is looking forward to finding super cheap plane tickets to go spend a holiday in the core of Africa in hot temperatures with wild animals.

Because the tensions in the Central African Republic get higher and conflicts start up every now and then, many people prefer to flee the country over staying and being killed.

This way the population density is believed to be globally the lowest. About 600,000 were forced to leave their homes because of the growing tensions in the government.


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Well, that is a nice place to travel to. The hours you spent looking for low-cost airline tickets on travel booking sites will not be regrettable. The center of the country is almost empty as people started moving to the far south and far north regions.

Kazakhstan used to be few decades ago a part of the Soviet Union. For some reasons that pushed the Kazakh people to settle down in the south and north, the country’s population density is said to be one of the lowest ones (estimated to be 6.77). Still, if you want to tour the place with the help of private guides, it will be worth the journey.

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Frankly, adventure is tasted when you choose to go to a place that not all travelers are interested in; a place which is, for some unknown unreason, ignored by travelers. So maybe you can book your flight to Mauritania, which is a place that does not receive much of tourists.

The country is exposed to a number of climate-related issues, primarily drought. We got to warn you, for the country is located in a dry and hot desert. Because of this harsh climate factors, large parts of the country remain unpopulated.

The country, on the whole, is on the list of the least populated places in Africa (population density= 4.27).


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It might not be very easy to find promo flights to Canada during specific seasons throughout the year. But it is totally worth it to see the country at close range.

Few miles away from the American borders stand the most crowded cities in Canada, namely Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. But if you keep heading to the north, the surrounding regions are uninhabitable.

All you can find is glaciers, woods, and mountains. This is what makes Canada one of the least populated places with 4.08 as far as population density is concerned.

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Usually, when we think of the countries with the highest population densities, we immediately think of African and Asian communities. In some African counties, women productive capability rates are high and hundreds of newborn angels are received every day.

But not all African countries are crowded; some of them are incorporated under the umbrella of the least populated places. Botswana in South Africa is one example of this.

Because the country is mostly made of the Kalahari desert plus the seasonal floods near the Okavango region, most people immigrate. The country’s population density is believed to be 3.98.


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There are plenty of amazing African countries. They are culturally rich and politically stable. On top of this, virgin nature in some parts of Africa attracts the attention of environmentalists and nature lovers.

They seek cultural experiences to enjoy their vacations. If you want to be surrounded by the locals for safety and integration purposes, Guyana in South America is not the right place to visit.

The country is among the least populated places worldwide. It is made of mostly the rainforest. Only 8% of the land is used in agriculture. The only populated place is Georgetown, the capital.

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It is pretty interesting to tour the world and record the aspects of cultural diversity that you have witnessed and seen with your own eyes.

It is useful to keep a travel journal in which you will mark every journey step you take. There are large places which will take you days to see and others which you cannot see at all, at least for now, like Libya.

In light of the current conflict, the country is not a tourist destination, for now. Plus, less than 1 million people populate the place. Most of the country’s land is made of desert; therefore, it is not fit to be populated.

People prefer to live around fertile and lively places near the coast. The population density is said to be as low as 3.80. Amid the past conflicts and given the current ones, the demographic figures might be even lower.


©Zuid Amerika Expert

Here is another interesting country that you might not have heard of before now; it is Suriname which is geographically speaking next to Guyana in South America. The country occupies a small space; it is, in fact, almost in the size of the state of Georgia in the US.

According to the data of the Climate Change Adaptation, this small country experiences high degrees of humidity and temperature can reach up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit and even more.

Accordingly, Suriname is populated by only 600.000 people and that is why the population density is as low as 3.69. Still, a tour in this peaceful country will make you want more of its serenity and quietness in your life.

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There is one word which can be used to describe the glamour of this country, and that word is paradise. All the trouble you went through to finish up your flight reservation will be forgotten once you arrive at Iceland.

Despite the three dozen active volcanoes around the country, it is still a recommended travel destination on travel booking websites. It is expected that the county will witness a volcanic happening every now and then (precisely, every 5 years).

This may be justifying the concentration of people in the capital, Reykjavik, to shield themselves from volcanic hazards. Maybe, that is a contributing factor to making Iceland one of the least populated places.


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This is both a country and continent that is quite known for its unique weather and exceptional wild creatures that live around. Even though Australia is home to millions of people, living in major cities like Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, the country is still labeled as one of the least populated places around the world.

The Australian Outbreak is the major responsible factor for this. The surrounding environment is interesting enough to attract nature visitors from all over the globe. In fact, the Australian Outbreak is one of the last surviving natural areas along with Siberia, Alaska and the Sahara.

The social demography of people around the world is affected by many factors relevant to politics, climate, and the likes. The world population increases each time a country marks a big figure on the scale of population density.

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