Here Are The 10 Interesting Places With Low Population Density

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

They seek cultural experiences to enjoy their vacations. If you want to be surrounded by the locals for safety and integration purposes, Guyana in South America is not the right place to visit.

The country is among the least populated places worldwide. It is made of mostly the rainforest. Only 8% of the land is used in agriculture. The only populated place is Georgetown, the capital.

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It is pretty interesting to tour the world and record the aspects of cultural diversity that you have witnessed and seen with your own eyes.

It is useful to keep a travel journal in which you will mark every journey step you take. There are large places which will take you days to see and others which you cannot see at all, at least for now, like Libya.

In light of the current conflict, the country is not a tourist destination, for now. Plus, less than 1 million people populate the place. Most of the country’s land is made of desert; therefore, it is not fit to be populated.

People prefer to live around fertile and lively places near the coast. The population density is said to be as low as 3.80. Amid the past conflicts and given the current ones, the demographic figures might be even lower.


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Here is another interesting country that you might not have heard of before now; it is Suriname which is geographically speaking next to Guyana in South America. The country occupies a small space; it is, in fact, almost in the size of the state of Georgia in the US.

According to the data of the Climate Change Adaptation, this small country experiences high degrees of humidity and temperature can reach up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit and even more.

Accordingly, Suriname is populated by only 600.000 people and that is why the population density is as low as 3.69. Still, a tour in this peaceful country will make you want more of its serenity and quietness in your life.



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