Here Are The 10 Interesting Places With Low Population Density

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

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There is one word which can be used to describe the glamour of this country, and that word is paradise. All the trouble you went through to finish up your flight reservation will be forgotten once you arrive at Iceland.

Despite the three dozen active volcanoes around the country, it is still a recommended travel destination on travel booking websites. It is expected that the county will witness a volcanic happening every now and then (precisely, every 5 years).

This may be justifying the concentration of people in the capital, Reykjavik, to shield themselves from volcanic hazards. Maybe, that is a contributing factor to making Iceland one of the least populated places.


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This is both a country and continent that is quite known for its unique weather and exceptional wild creatures that live around. Even though Australia is home to millions of people, living in major cities like Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, the country is still labeled as one of the least populated places around the world.

The Australian Outbreak is the major responsible factor for this. The surrounding environment is interesting enough to attract nature visitors from all over the globe. In fact, the Australian Outbreak is one of the last surviving natural areas along with Siberia, Alaska and the Sahara.

The social demography of people around the world is affected by many factors relevant to politics, climate, and the likes. The world population increases each time a country marks a big figure on the scale of population density.

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