Here Are The 10 Most Mysterious Lakes in The World

Welcome dear mystery lovers! You are about to explore something which is almost like a flashback to the 1999 Mummy or one of Lara Croft’s movies. Perhaps, after reading this, your conception and perception of danger and mystery will undergo change.

Some of the mysteries you are about to discover stand behind the death and loss of thousands of people, but who do you think started this nature-mankind war? Of course, it is the humans, us, who turned the living game rules against ourselves.

Let us drop these metaphorical figures and address you in simpler terms. Earth now is on the verge because of the irrational habits taken ironically by its rational inhabitants, humans.

It is subject to sources of water pollution and ozone air is not as clean as it used to be before the industrial revolution. The concentration of co2 and global warming resulting issues are driving life on earth to its final destination.

Efforts are exerted to combat climate change, but they are not enough because the real destroyers are ordinary people, millions of them, not the action takers. You are about to discover some of the most mysterious lakes that turned into tombs, maybe, due to what humans do.


Blue Lake in Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia


Perhaps, this is the nature’s revenge for what mankind is making it go through. If you have read somewhere about ocean pollution facts, it is time to learn about the facts of a mysterious lake in Russia, the one known as the Blue Lake.

An innocent name for an unusual place! Its waters don’t pour from streams or rivers, for the lake gets the water from the springs which are found beneath the surface.

The blue color, which gives the lake such a mesmerizing look, is actually a result of hydrogen sulfide content. The lake is very deep, and due to this, several scientists claim that the lake in question houses underwater caves which are not explored until now.

Lake Natron in Tanzania


Even after listening to the, best mystery audiobooks, you must not have heard of the lake that can turn living creatures into mummies like the ones found in mysterious pyramids in Egyptian coffins. The lake in question is the Natron lake located in Tanzania.

It is not the right place where to experience adventure vacations. This lake is responsible for the death of its inhabitants and their mummification, which makes it an even more dangerous place. Small birds, bats, and flamingos were reportedly mummified.

The horrifying thing is that this kind of mummies are not found in mummy coffins, but rather frozen in their final poses. The victims might be seduced by the lake’s orange color given by the existing microorganisms.

The fumes and evaporation of the lake’s water scary even the strongest hearts of predators. Perhaps, that is why weaker animals seek refuge in the lake to meet their doom there.

Lake Michigan in the US

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If you think that ultraviolet light is the greatest, real danger to which humans are exposed, then you are wrong. You are about to unveil the mystery of another danger that we might have contributed to its surfacing: it is the killing lakes’ curse.

Lake Michigan in the US is one of these lakes and one which is shared between the US and Canada on the borders. These shared waters are the killers of people who innocently happen to be around.

Clearly the lake does not house any supernatural beings, still, it is dangerous. The top swimmers who like to enjoy their swims on their swimming kickboard on the shore of the lake cannot make it if they swim deep.

Many lives were actually lost, especially during summer. The lake riptides are life-threatening; for fisher and boats, the lake is even more dangerous in autumn.

Lake Nyos In Cameron

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For yonks, this lake provided the inhabitants of the neighboring villages with water. But suddenly, things turned upside down, as the cataclysmic secret of the lake started to emerge.

One day, on August 21st, in 1986, the lake put into action its devised plan of releasing suffocating, natural gas that resulted in the formation of a thick cloud.

The end of the lake’s curse was tragic as everything alive perished in a blink of an eye: livestock, humans, fish, insects, and birds all died.

The number of victims are estimated to be 1,746 lives. Based on the scientific investigations done, the criminal evidence, convicting the lake was uncovered: a huge store of carbon dioxide that suddenly formed the bubbles, surfacing and releasing the toxic gas. The surrounding population is still exposed to a possible lethal release.

Dead Lake in Kazakhstan

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As the name suggests itself, this lake can put an end to any living being’s life despite its blue beauty. The locals who live in the surrounding area believe that the lake is a cursed spot, and they, therefore, avoided for years.

If you have ever been to Kazakhstan and to a closer village from the lake, you will hear the most terrifying stories about unsolved mysteries of disappearances. Sadly, many adventure travel lovers and dangers-ignorant tourists ended up dead in the lake.

The name of the lake is not inspired by the deaths and disappearances that it witnessed but rather by the properties of its waters, which cannot stand anything alive inside it. A more mysterious fact is that the waters don’t evaporate and are always cold.

Lake Of Death in Italy

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Lake Of Death would make a nice title of a horror movie marked by mystery and danger. It is a real place located in Italy.

The common source of danger we know about this country is the Sicilian Mafia which was quite prevalent in the past in Sicily, but there is another present source of danger, the -Lake Of Death with its high-concentrated sulphuric acid content in the water.

It stands to reason then that the lake does not sustain any life; any living being accessing its water can die in no time.

There are several rumors, claiming that the Italian mafias used the lake as their victims’ disposal point. It is hard to tell because if there were any thrown bodies, they must have been dissolved right the way, making it even impossible to find evidence.

Lake Brosno In Russia


To find explanations for mysterious happenings they witness, people believe in bad luck spells plus the existence of monsters and supernatural beings. The scientific explanation of what earth is facing in terms of issues is all about climate change.

But there are ways in which nature reacts and these reactions don’t seem to have something to do with climate change. This could be applicable to the horrifying lake of Brosno In Russia.

The locals believe that there is a hidden lizard in the lake, but its seem that the scientific studies to which the lake was subject did not unveil such a thing.

Perhaps, the vast depth of the lake has led the locals to form their legendary tales about an existing, ancient monster. The gases released from the lake can turn a boat easily on the surface.

Lake Karachay in Russia


This is another horrifying lake in Russia with a long history of mystery. The sources of water pollution must have deeply affected the lake in question, for it is regarded as one of the most polluted sites worldwide.

If you sit in its shore to get a tan, you will not be saved from the dangerous radiation poisoning that can make you go through a slow and painful death. Back in the 1950s, the lake was exploited as a site to get rid of the liquid radioactive waste.

Nowadays, the lake’s water is noticeably falling, unveiling it radioactive hazards. The Russian government tries to reduce groundwater contamination and radiation levels.

Boiling Lake in Dominica

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If you are wondering about whether the lake boils or not, the answer is yes, it does, and that is why it is named the boiling lake. The Boiling Lake is located in the Dominican Republic.

According to scientific reports, the heat temperatures in the lake can reach 197 degrees Fahrenheit (92 C°). Any living creatures that fall in the lake can be literally boiled and cooked in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Given the high recorded temperatures, there is a thick cloud of white steam. The swimming activities in the lake are banned. Additionally, the fact that it is situated in a volcano’s crater contributes to keeping the temperature high.

Lake Pustoye in Russia

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Back to Russia again which seems to house a lot of dangerous lakes, and Lake Pustoye is another one added to the list. It is geographically situated in Western Siberia. The meaning of Pustoye is blank which is due to the fact that the lake does not sustain any living creatures.

This is normal for many sites don’t house animals’ life such as the Dead Sea, plus other lakes which are included in the present article. It has been reported that humans can actually consume its waters.

No fish can survive living in the lake, which is queer. Studies are still being performed and no apparent, logical conclusion is reached.

In addition to the hazards of water contamination, you don’t need an air pollution meter to tell you how serious air pollution is. To combat climate change, we must collaborate and work closely together.



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